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Saturday, April 6th, 2019


A Healthy Diet Sent My Prostate Cancer into Remission

A WFPB Diet Helped Send My Prostate Cancer Into Remission In September 2013, six months shy of my 50th birthday, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Two urologists, including a surgeon from one of the leading cancer centers in the world (my “second opinion” doctor), recommended surgery. Instead, I decided to adopt a comprehensive, doctor-supervised program of lifestyle interventions—diet, exercise, supplements, and stress management—that have been known to slow progression of the disease and which I hoped would buy me some time until less invasive treatment options became available. IRead More

Tattoo may cause for Lymphedema

Tattoo Ink May Stain Your Lymph Nodes But more research is needed to determine whether this is actually a bad thing   getting a tattoo has always come with risks. There’s the possibility of an allergic reaction, infection or even diseases like hepatitis or tetanus if the equipment isn’t properly sterilized. And there’s always the risk of second-day doubt about your choice of everlasting image. But a new study shows there might also be broader health consequences of getting inked. As Agence France-Presse reports, researchers have found that potentially toxic metals from tattoo ink circulates in the immuneRead More