Dying for an EV? Ford Mustang Mach-E converted into an electric hearse and limousine

Electric vehicles are being adopted across all industries for a variety of uses. Even if you try to fight it, your last ride may end up being in an EV. The Ford Mustang Mach-E was recently converted into an electric hearse and limousine. Check it out – you’ll be dying to try them.

Ford Mach-E converted into an electric hearse, limousine

Coleman Milne, the UK’s leading hearse and limousine manufacturer, recently unveiled a new “ceremonial” range based on Ford’s Mustang Mach-E platform, including a limousine and hearse.

Graham Clow, national sales director at Coleman Milne, explains why the company is going zero-emission:

We have long championed the electric hearse at Coleman Milne, and we’re proud to welcome the Etive hearse and limousine as the latest additions to our range.

He added:

The Mach-E is the perfect base for a comfortable, quiet and respectful hearse and limousine, while also providing funeral directors with all the benefits and innovations found in today’s electric vehicles.

The electric Mach-E hearse includes everything a conventional hearse would have, including noiseless operation (which makes sense due to EVs emitting virtually no noise), a flat, spacious full-length deck, three bearer seats, and a glass roof with custom options available.

Meanwhile, the zero-emission Etive limousine is designed for maximum comfort with an extra 114mm in overall length, seven-passenger capacity, and optional full privacy glass.

The electric hearse and limo use a 75kWh battery, which can deliver an estimated range of up to 200 miles and recharge from 10 to 80% in 38 minutes. The electric vehicles will be available for demonstration in the first half of the year.

Electrek’s Take

Both hearses and limousines are perfect candidates for electric upgrades. They typically travel small distances (from funeral homes to graveyards or to and from events) and have ample time to charge in between.

The idea of an electric hearse is not new. Some funeral homes have used Tesla vehicles and a Nissan Leaf to develop fully electric hearses. In December, Netherlands-based hearse and limo maker Derks presented an impressive Tesla Model 3 hearse.

This trend will likely continue gaining momentum as electric vehicles offer quieter, smoother, zero-emission travel. What do you think of the electric Ford Mustang Mach-E hearses and limousines?

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