XPeng opens orders for G9 SUV and updated P7 sedan to these four countries in Europe

Chinese EV automaker XPeng Motors officially launched two new models in Europe today – the long anticipated G9 SUV, and an optimized P7 sedan featuring added range and faster charging. Both XPeng EV models are on display at the eCar Expo in Stockholm this weekend and will begin deliveries in four countries throughout Europe later this year.

XPeng Motors ($XPEV) is an EV manufacturer founded back in 2014 that’s headquartered in Guangzhou, China. In 2018, XPeng launched the G3 SUV, followed by the P7 sedan in 2019. Next came the P5, which we were able to test drive alongside the P7 in the Netherlands – one of several markets in Europe the automaker established a retail footprint ahead of official sales in the country.

The P5 unfortunately never saw an official launch in Europe due to export timeline issues, but XPeng was quick to pivot its focus toward bringing its latest EV overseas, the G9 SUV. The G9 officially launched in China last September declared by its makers to be “the world’s fastest charging EV.”

Where the SUV excelled in charging, it stumbled in trim clarity, much to the confusion of consumers in Asia. XPeng quickly consolidated and rebranded its trim levels in the G9 to avoid confusion before deliveries began in China and sales began in Europe.

Last month, we reported that XPeng was working to implement four new service and delivery centers over the next few months that will serve customers in Europe. The automaker has had a sales footprint in Norway for years but has waited to open orders in other markets until it could ensure the local consumer’s appetite was there and implement the proper network to support it.

Today, XPeng has officially begun taking orders for the G9 in Europe alongside a revamped P7 sedan. You can check them both out below.

XPeng open G9 and P7 orders in Europe, here’s the pricing

According to a release from XPeng Motors today, its new G9 and updated P7 are now available to order in Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Sweden. XPeng vice chair and president Brian Gu spoke to the automaker’s official expansion into additional markets in Europe:

XPeng G9 and P7 bring a combination of superior styling, quality, performance, and comfort, exemplifying our market-leading technology and innovation. Today also represents a significant milestone as we build our presence in Europe. We believe both vehicles deliver a new level of sophistication and a people-first mobility experience, and we will be the electric vehicles of choice for many European customers.

XPeng goes on to explain that with the arrival of its two latest models comes some of the more advanced EV technology in Europe. For example, the G9’s 800V Silicon Carbide (SiC) platform can handle charging rates up to 300 kW, adding up to 100 km (62 miles) of range in just five minutes. At that high of a rate, the G9’s 98 kWh battery pack can replenish from 10-80% in 20 minutes, delivering 570 km WLTP (354 miles) of range in its RWD Long Range trim.

XPeng’s P7 sedan sees its first major overhaul since its initial debut in 2019 and has been optimized to receive charging power up to 175 kW and replenish from 10-80% in 29 minutes on a DC fast charger. The RWD trim also gains additional range up to 576 km WLTP (358 miles).

Other additions to the XPeng P7 include an electric tailgate, soft-closing doors, heated steering wheel, and a heat pump – perfect for winter climates in Europe like Sweden and Norway. Both models will come equipped with XPeng’s ADAS XPILOT and UI support in a myriad of European languages. Lastly, here’s how XPeng’s pricing will break down in Europe:

XPeng Motors expects deliveries of the new P7s to begin in Europe in June, with G9 deliveries to follow in September. If you live in any of the countries above, you can place your orders now:

XPeng Netherlands

XPeng Denmark

XPeng Sweden

XPeng Norway

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