Goodyear introduces its first EV tire specifically designed to handle higher weight fleets

Goodyear has introduced its latest energy efficient tire to its growing portfolio of EV-centric products. The new RangeMax RSD arrives as Goodyear’s most compatible EV tire to date, designed to support regional electric fleets that are prone to higher cargo capacities.

The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company was founded in 1898, just over a decade after the first automobile was born. With 125 years of experience, it’s no wonder Goodyear has become a household name in tires… and of course blimps.

If you’ve ever driven an EV, one of the first things you’ll notice is the pure joy of instant torque when you hit the accelerator. It’s one of the many perks of going all electric in addition to that whole, zero emissions thing. Anyways, while the pleasure and exhileration that comes with such high torque may never get old to EV drivers, it certainly takes its toll on the tires.

As the number of EVs on roads continues to climb, Goodyear has long been anticipating the transition as has already developed several tires of its own to support its customers going all-electric. Back in 2018, Goodyear revealed its EfficientGrip Performance Tire with Electric Drive Technology, its first EV-specific tire built to handle more torque.

In late 2021, Goodyear also introduce the ElectricDrive GT tire designed as its first replacement tire in North America specifically for EVs like the Tesla Model Y. Goodyear states those tires are now compatible with over 44% of the battery electric vehicles operating in the US. The company is also exploring more sustainable ways of delivering its tires to EVs that are made with 90% sustainable materials.

Today, Goodyear has introduced its latest EV tire that’s on of it most versatile yet.

Goodyear’s RangeMax RSD EV tire is available now

The company shared details of its newest tire in a press release today, describing the RangeMax RSD as its first EV-ready that is also compatible with gas- or diesel-powered fleet vehicles. That’a nice but we’re going to focus on the EVs, if that’s okay.

Goodyear describes the RangeMax RSD as its best regional tire for energy efficiency, built to endure the higher load capacities many fleet EVs are transporting on a daily basis. Regardless of what is powering the vehicle, Goodyear explains its new tire is engineered with ultra-low rolling resistance technology to maximize efficiency and Treadlock Technology to encourage even wear and get more miles out of each tire. Goodyear North America senior director, commercial marketing Tom Lippello shared more:

The new RangeMax RSD strives to live up to its name and deliver the superior range and confidence that comes with ultra-low rolling resistance. With the continued growth we’re observing in the regional EV segment, changing powertrains and fleets’ cost-savings and sustainability priorities, Goodyear recognized an opportunity to provide fleets and original equipment manufacturers with a tire designed for the unique needs of these vehicles.

Other features include three-peak mountain snowflake, mud, and snow designations for performance in tricky driving condition, premium casing construction, and an enhanced tread pattern to handle high torque while simultaneously promoting even tread wear.

The Goodyear RangeMax RSD EV tired is available now in size 295/75R22.5

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