Lift Foils unveils LIFT4, touted as the ‘most customizable, quiet, and powerful eFoil ever made’

Electric hydrofoil veteran Lift Foils has officially unveiled its latest product – the LIFT4 eFoil, equipped with the company’s fourth-generation battery technology. In addition to being marketed as the quietest eFoil ever created, Lift is hailing its fourth-generation model as the most customizable, powerful, and longest-lasting eFoil ever made. Bold statement – let’s check it out below.

Lift Foils is a Puerto Rico-based company that was founded by a surfer named Nick Leason in 2013. With a decade of experience developing boards that shred above the waves, the company is no stranger to boastful declarations. For instance, it refers to itself as the “creator of the original eFoil.”

One look at Lift’s resume, and it’s hard to argue. Before today, Lift had delivered three generations of all-electric hydrofoils – most recently an upgraded version of its LIFT3 F, a lower-priced version of the LIFT3 designed with beginner riders in mind.

Just over a month later, Lift Foils has returned with an entirely new model called the LIFT4, loaded with its latest technology, promising to be the best eFoil money can buy.

LIFT4 arrives as culmination of fives years of research

According to the release announcing the official debut of the LIFT4, Lift Foils explains that its latest eFoil is the result of five years of using its products while gathering feedback from over 15,000 different riders.

The result is a fourth-generation eFoil that has had nearly all of its components updated or redesigned to create the perfect ride that “will revolutionize how we interact with water and with nature.” Lift Foils founder and CEO Nick Leason continued:

Being the designer and the rider, offers a closed-loop experience where you can really hone in on what you’re feeling and why you are feeling it. Riding an eFoil is not only about going out and surfing, but also about silencing your mind, getting into a flow state, and connecting with nature. At Lift, we constantly strive to perfect our product to make it easier to get into that natural state and enjoy your surroundings. All the new features and cutting-edge technology on the LIFT4 do just that. I think our customers are going to be very excited to see this novel craft that we’ve been working so hard on in our workshop to elevate every part of the foiling experience.

Part of the cutting-edge technology debuting on the LIFT4 is the company’s Gen4 batteries. Lift says its battery management system optimizes the performance and efficiency of each ride to help extend the overall life span of the packs, which come available in Full Range (2.5 hours ride time) and Light (1.5 hours). Lift says it has also decreased charge times on the Gen4 system down to 50 minutes for Full Range and 30 minutes for the Light battery.

Other upgrades include the new LIFT4 eBox featuring the company’s Quiet Ride Technology System, composed of an advanced motor controller described as its “smoothest and quietest to date” – perfect for finding your Zen while out cruising.

The LIFT4 also features new carbon fiber latches, revamped battery housing, and a new wing design available in three separate sizes to create balance for riders of all sizes. The boards themselves are constructed using the same carbon fiber shapes and sizes but in 12 different color options, including the three metallics seen above.

The LIFT4 starts at a price of $11,995, including the Gen4 Light battery and an additional $1,000 for the Full Range pack. All components come standard with a two-year warranty.

What do you think? Is the LIFT4 the greatest eFoil you’ve ever seen? You can see more in today’s full introductory video from Lift Foils below.



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