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A surge in innovation in the Femtech sector is set to revolutionise healthcare for women, and this is just the beginning says Mewburn Ellis report – Digital Health Technology News

International IP firm Mewburn Ellis today publishes its latest report which explores some of the exciting new technologies that have entered the Femtech market in recent years, as well as analysing the patent landscape to better understand the evolution of the Femtech space and how technology focuses are shifting.

The term ‘Femtech’ covers a range of technologies devised to address women’s specific healthcare needs, including fertility solutions, period-tracking, pregnancy, menopause, and gynaecological cancers, amongst other areas.

The report highlights how the huge range of Femtech treatments, procedures and solutions being developed are providing genuine health benefits to women, from early cancer diagnoses and improved surgical outcomes, to more sustainable period products and options for the remote delivery of healthcare.

According to the report, patent filings for Femtech have more than doubled in the last 20 years, with a surge in innovation and a corresponding increase in the number of patent filings showing that the Femtech space is brimming with opportunities.

Commenting on the report, Rachel Oxley, partner and patent attorney at Mewburn Ellis said:

“We are seeing a growing acknowledgement of the gender health gap, increased demand for innovations that tap into women’s needs and an appetite amongst investors who now see the huge potential Femtech has to change women’s healthcare for the better. The market is not only driven by the established big healthcare players, but also a raft of independent female-led researchers and entrepreneurs seeking solutions to their own lived health issues. This is just the beginning for Femtech.”

Andrew Mears, partner and patent attorney at Mewburn Ellis added:

“Women’s health is a space that is historically under-researched and under-funded. For years, women’s health issues have taken a back seat, with a lack of research leading to a limited understanding of how women’s bodies work and a failure to develop treatments, procedures and solutions aimed specifically at women’s illnesses and health needs. This report highlights the range of exciting innovations currently seeking to redress the gender health gap. The coming years will see this sector continue to thrive and we are excited to be part of it.”



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