This new street-legal electric utility vehicle is a mini pickup with a dump truck bed

Club Car, an iconic golf cart producer, introduced the Club Car Urban LSV and XR on Wednesday, its latest street-legal electric vehicle. The Club Car Urban EV is a mini pickup built to get the job done with a dump truck bed for conveniently hauling and dumping payloads with several other cargo options.

Best known for its rich 60+ year history in designing and building golf carts (they are the official golf cart of the PGA of America and European Tour, after all), Club Car has expanded into commercial and personal use vehicles.

Club Car actually started by making a 36V electric golf cart and later branched out to gas-powered options. With demand for sustainable transportation soaring, Club Car has returned to its roots, introducing several zero-emission electric alternatives, such as personal transport, utility, golf cart, last mile-delivery, and street-legal EVs.

More recently, Electrek covered Club Cart’s new line of premium low-speed electric vehicles (LSVs) that are designed like an upscale open-air golf cart with a max speed of 25 mph.

The company’s latest innovation is a small-wheel mini pickup with a dump truck bed and other cargo options, the Club Car Urban LSV, and XR electric utility vehicles.

Club Car’s new mini electric pickup with a dump truck bed

The electric urban utility vehicles are designed to address unique commercial and personal needs while significantly lowering emissions and operating costs.

Club Car’s mini electric pickup is available in two versions: XR (the non-street legal version) and the LSV street legal model that includes everything needed to drive on the road, such as 3-point seatbelts, mirrors, tail and brake lights, turn signals, a horn, storage compartment, and backup camera.

The street-legal LSV model can travel up to 25 mph, while the non-street-legal XR version travels 19 mph. In addition, you can choose from several cargo options, including a pickup bed (with an available tilt bed), a van box, or a pickup bed with a mesh cage.

The Urban EV is just 143 long, 54 inches wide (without mirrors), and 74 inches tall with a load bed length of 64 inches.

Despite its small size, the EV, powered by a 48V electric motor, has a peak power of 19.2 hp and can carry a payload of up to 2,204 lbs.

Club Car offers several lithium battery options, including 9.2 kWh, 10.2 kWh, and 12.2 kWh for a max range of up to 62 miles while offering “fast and efficient charging.”

Mark Wagner, president of Club Car, said at the release:

Our industrial and commercial customer’s looking for safe, on-road transportation that is street-legal, 100% electric and a low-cost solution will find the Urban to be the ideal fit.

One of its most significant benefits is the low operational costs compared to a full pickup or van. As Jeff Tyminski, vice president of product management at Club Car, explains, pickup trucks are the “wrong tool for many jobs.” Instead, he added:

A blended fleet of traditional pickup trucks and electric utility vehicles would improve operational productivity while lowering ownership costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Club Car says the Urban LSV and XR EVs are now available through its commercial distributor network and for demonstration. US MSRP starts at $25,293.

Electrek’s Take

A mini pickup with a dump truck bed? Sign me up. These electric utility vehicles make the perfect option for companies and individuals looking to reduce costs and introduce greener alternatives.

Industries like landscaping, groundskeeping, campuses, last-mile delivery, municipals, and hospitals, to name a few, could benefit from introducing utility vehicles like Club Car’s Urban LSV and XR options.

Or, you could just have one to do tasks around the house and run errands.

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