Amazon has tripled the number of Rivian EDVs in use, delivering 75M packages emission-free

Amazon (AMZN) announced today it now has over 3,000 Rivian (RIVN) electric delivery vans (EDVs) deployed, triple its previously reported number in November. The e-commerce giant has now delivered 75 million packages emission-free using Rivians electric vans.

Amazon was, at one time, the most valuable public company and the fastest-growing US retail business, with gross merchandise volume (GMV) growing significantly faster than its peers.

After growing to become the world’s largest e-commerce company and one of the largest retailers, Amazon has a great responsibility to limit its environmental impact.

The Amazon and Rivian partnership began in 2019 after Amazon invested $700 million as part of its Climate Pledge commitment to achieving net-zero carbon by 2040.


Amazon committed to purchasing and rolling out 100,000 Rivian electric delivery vans by the end of the decade as the company looks to reduce its environmental footprint.

The electric vans began rolling out in February 2021 in LA, expanding to over a dozen cities across the US by that summer. This past December, Amazon said the rollout was going as planned, with over 1,000 EDVs ready for the 2022 holiday season across over 100 cities.

According to Amazon’s latest update, the e-commerce giant has tripled its fleet since November.

Amazon’s Rivian-made electric delivery vans (Source: Amazon)

Amazon deploys over 3,000 Rivian electric vans

In a press release Thursday, Amazon noted it had over 3,000 Rivian electric delivery vans delivering packages to US customers.

Amazon says it has expanded to over 500 cities across the US and has delivered over 75 million packages using emission-free vans, up from five million in November.

The Rivian EDVs are designed to enhance the user experience with features like Alexa integration, delivery workflow integration, 360-degree cameras, spacious cabin and cargo areas, and ventilated seats for heating and cooling during stops.

Amazon says in addition to using the Rivian electric delivery vans, the company has put out over 15 EV models including delivery vehicles, e-cargo bikes, and e-rickshaws (electric 3-wheelers) as it works to decarbonize its network.

Since 2015, Amazon has invested in new materials and technology that has eliminated over 1.5 million tons of packaging, one of the most significant contributors to greenhouse gas emissions in e-commerce.

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