Ryder just ordered 4,000 electric vans from GM’s BrightDrop

Transport giant Ryder has ordered 4,000 of BrightDrop’s electric vans to add to its lease and rental fleet through 2025, and the first 200 are being ordered this year. General Motors launched the last-mile BrightDrop brand in 2021.

BrightDrop’s electric vans head to Ryder

Ryder is adding BrightDrop Zevo 600 and Zevo 400 electric delivery vans to its fleet. The Zevo 600 and Zevo 400 vans have a range of up to 250 miles and can support a payload of about 2,000 to 3,400 pounds. (The Zevo 400 is “upcoming.”)

Zevo 600 has a cargo capacity of over 600 cubic feet – that’s enough space for furniture for a small apartment or a couple of rooms – and Zevo 400 has a cargo capacity of over 400 cubic feet and enough space for a loveseat, a coffee table, and a few chairs.

On the charging front, the 600 is 120kw DC Fast Charging or AC Level 2 11.5kw compatible.

Ryder says it will add model year 2023 Zevo 600 electric vans to its rental fleet in California, Dallas-Fort Worth, and New York City later this year.

The new 2024 Zevo 600 and Zevo 400 models for lease and rental customers are expected to be available as early as summer 2023 and into the first quarter of 2024.

Meanwhile, BrightDrop is already shipping electric vehicles – more than 500 Zevo 600s – from its factory in Ontario that only opened three months ago, and its model year 2023 Zevo 600 has already sold out. 

BrightDrop already boasts FedEx, Walmart, Hertz, and DHL Express as customers and says it expects to reach its 50,000-unit annual volume capacity by 2025.

Electrek’s Take

Ryder has an enormous fleet – it manages nearly 260,000 commercial vehicles. So, while an order of 4,000 electric vans is welcome news, Ryder has a long way to go to sharpen up its sustainability plan and switch its fleet from ICE to electric.

Its 2021 corporate sustainability report states on page 26 that the company does not “include a transition plan that aligns with a 1.5C world.” It only states that it’s been “influenced” by climate-related risks and opportunities. Where the questionnaire asks why not, Ryder left the section blank.

On page 32, Ryder states that its emissions reductions goals are to cut scope 1 emissions – its company-operated fleet – 10% by 2024, over 2018 baseline; slash scope 2 emissions – company-operated facilities – 30% by 2024, over 2018 baseline; and cut scope 3 emissions – downstream leased equipment – 15% by 2024, over 2018 baseline.

Here’s hoping Ryder tightens up its plan fast and orders even more electric vans and trucks because its sustainability report made for some disappointing reading.

Photos: BrightDrop

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