Eunorau Flash launched as 220-mile triple battery e-bike, and it’s as ridiculous as it looks

Ridiculous, but in an epic way! If you thought one single battery was passé and two batteries weren’t enough, then the Eunorau Flash electric bike is probably the one for you. With its three large batteries, the company claims that this electric bike can have you cruising for up to 220 miles (354 km) on a single charge.

That’s enough range to do the Cannonball Run between Los Angeles and New York City with just 12 recharges. A Cannonball Run attempt on an electric bicycle might sound silly, but consider that at a solid 20 mph (32 km/h), you could conceivably do around 10 hours of riding a day without stopping to look for a plug.

The Eunorau Flash was first unveiled last month when we got a chance to check out the long-range e-bike’s specs.

The bike comes with a typical minibike-style design with 20-inch fat tires, a two-person bench seat, both front and rear suspension, and a pedaling geometry that looks somewhere between “OK” and “uh-oh.”

The base model, which starts at a reasonable $1,499, comes with a single rear 750W hub motor and a single 52V battery. Keep in mind though that the one battery on the base model is barely enough for a measly 70 miles (112 km) of range. Next!

Prospective riders have the option of doubling the hub motors to end up with 1,500W from an all-wheel-drive setup. There’s also a third option that swaps the hub motors for a 1,000W mid-drive motor (1,500W peak rated) with a torque sensor, creating a more refined drivetrain with better performing pedal assist.

Just like the three drivetrain options, there are also three battery options. If a single battery isn’t enough, prospective long-range riders can add a second or a third battery. With all three batteries on board, the Eunorau Flash is said to achieve a range of 220 miles (354 km) on pedal assist. That’s some seriously long range, making it one of the longest traveling e-bikes in the industry.

Even if you prefer to forego the pedal assist and instead cruise around on throttle-only, the company says you’ll still get a range of around 110 miles (177 km).

All of the models come with a 28 mph (45 km/h) speed limit, hydraulic disc brakes, and LED lighting, though there’s an upgrade option for a fender set that comes with a headlight guard (though it looks like the headlight is standard equipment even if you don’t get the headlight guard).

Regarding that electronic speed limit, it can apparently be further unlocked using the e-bike’s display. The company declined to tell me how high above 28 mph the bikes can reach, but a company insider described the 1,500W AWD version to me as capable of going “much faster.” Gulp.

The full-suspension design may add to the bike’s weight (which isn’t quite clear yet based on the plethora of motor and battery options), but it also turns this long-range machine into a veritable stair master.

Keep in mind that the Eunorau Flash electric bike has launched on Indiegogo instead of directly via Eunorau’s site. That means this is technically a crowdfunding campaign instead of a direct sale.

While we generally turn away Indiegogo press releases for vehicles we haven’t tested or that come from new startups, Eunorau has been around the block enough times to make us dizzy.

We’ve reviewed a half dozen or so e-bikes from the company, visited their US base of operations and watched them deliver tens of thousands of e-bikes. So I’ve got no doubt they’ll deliver on the Flash, as ridiculously specced as it is.

This isn’t the only 3-battery bike that has crossed our desks this week. Yeasion (Yeet+lesion?) over in China is offering a 3x1kWh battery e-bike with 2x 1kw motors for $1500 but you’ll of course need to work out shipping. Good news on that front, if you buy over 10,000 of them, the price drops to $1099/ea. Strangley the company only lists a 160km range.

What do you think of this long-range electric bike? Is it exactly what you’ve been looking for, or does the bike have around two batteries too many for you? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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