Heybike unveils new folding fat tire electric bike that targets bang for your buck

Heybike, one of the friendlier sounding Asian e-bike companies that have sprung up over the last few years, has just launched a new folding fat tire electric bike that attempts to compete on value. The new Heybike Ranger S offers higher performance at a price that few companies have been able to match.

Described in the company’s own words, the Heybike Ranger S “has a cool, chunky, step-through frame for easier mounting. Made using a one-piece, magnesium alloy frame, this premium material fully foldable e-bike, with hydraulic front fork suspension, is one of the most robust yet affordable folding models on the market.”

Its robustness is hard to judge at this point until we can get one in hand, but the value certainly seems there.

With an introductory price of just $1,499, the Ranger S is punching above its weight class.

Well, above its proverbial weight class. Its actual weight is ridiculously heavy at 42 kg (92.6 lb). I’m not even sure where all of that weight is coming from, and that’s a lot of bike to lug around in folded form. But since most riders will spend more time riding the bike than lifting it, let’s zero in on the specs.

The Heybike Ranger S is a class 3 e-bike, meaning it can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h (28 mph) on pedal assist. With an included throttle, the bike can also operate as a class 2 e-bike with a top speed of 32 km/h (20 mph).

A 750 W rear hub motor is mounted in cast wheels, meaning there are no spokes to bend or break. The wheels wear 20? x 4? tires for extra cushioning, though the front suspension fork will likely provide most of the ride comfort.

Hydraulic disc brakes should bring the bike to a quick and controlled stop, and a 7-speed Shimano transmission will get things rolling again when the traffic light turns green.

The frame-integrated and removable 48 V 15 Ah battery offers 720 Wh of capacity, which Heybike says is sufficient for up to 88 km (55 mi) of range on pedal assist. A 4-amp charger is included to juice up the battery more quickly than most other e-bikes, with an under four-hour recharge.

LED lighting, full fenders, and a rear rack are all included as standard equipment.

As Heybike marketing manager Kyle Yang commented:

“The popularity of e-bikes has only grown in the US as people convert from their cars to this easier, more environmentally friendly mode of transport. Traveling distances in comfort by e-bike is now even easier and our Ranger S is the best entry-level model for anyone who hasn’t tried an e-bike until now. With its sturdy frame and the high-quality materials that all of our e-bikes are made from, this new Ranger S can withstand the rigors of everyday use. Don’t get stuck in traffic any longer. Switch to an e-bike, or upgrade your current one for the convenience of our new Ranger S.”

Those looking to snag a Heybike Ranger S will have to wait until the bike officially goes on pre-sale starting May 5, 2023. The bike will have its full launch via Heybike’s online store and Amazon on May 15.

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