Volvo delays start of production for its ultra-safe EX90 SUV

Mere weeks after closing orders for its flagship EX90 SUV, Volvo Cars has announced a delay to the EVs production schedule, citing the need for additional software development and testing.

Volvo Cars began teasing a new and completely bespoke SUV called the EX90 in September of 2022, touting its capabilities as “an invisible shield of safety.” As an evolution of the super popular XC90, Volvo described the EX90 as the SUV to kick off a new generation of vehicles for the brand, as it looks to offer an entirely-electric lineup by 2030.

Volvo promised the EX90 would come standard with a slew of safety features and in-house designed technologies, complimenting other components from trusted companies like Google and NVIDIA. In addition to LiDAR sensors from Luminar built into its exterior, the EX90 will arrive as Volvo’s first vehicle with bi-directional charging capabilities.

In late April during its Q1 2023 financial report, Volvo shared that it had closed orders for the EX90 because its first model year of production had sold out. Unfortunately, those early customers will have to wait a bit longer than expected, as Volvo has now pushed EX90 production into 2024.

EX90 Production pushed into 2024, arrival time unknown

According to a statement from Volvo Cars today that was also sent to early reservation holders via email, EX90 production has been pushed into the first half of 2024, citing the need for additional time for software development and testing.

The bespoke SUV was originally slotted to begin production in late 2023, followed by deliveries in Volvo showrooms early next year. Per Volvo:

The Volvo EX90 is a very exciting and important car for Volvo Cars, representing the start of a new era for the company and introduces a new generation of technology – hardware and software. 

Demand for the Volvo EX90 remains high and to ensure a high-quality introduction of the car and to maximize customer benefit from its technology from day 1, Volvo Cars needs additional time in software development and testing and is adjusting the planned start of production timing. Production is now expected to begin in H1 2024.

Given the EX90 production delay, there is no current timeline on when Volvo showrooms can expect to receive the SUVs, but it should be closer to the second half of 2024 at the earliest.

This news joins a similar sentiment from Volvo’s joint venture EV brand Polestar, who announced it has delayed production of its Polestar 3 SUV, which is to be the brand’s first model built in the US.

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