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Leaders in the South West face a complex set of issues, many of which are unique to the area. With a large rural, disconnected region, recruiting and retaining staff is increasingly difficult.

As an ICS leader, you need a deeper level of insight into what staff want and how they’re currently working. Data-driven decisions can support both service delivery and long-term planning – and Lantum is uniquely placed to meet both these demands across ICSs.

Delivering for ICSs across the region 

Flexibility is an essential component of robust healthcare coverage, but it needs to be directed the right way from the top down.

With Lantum, leaders at all levels nurture relationships between locums and practices, whether it’s individual sites or across a PCN. This removes regional variations that could see certain practices significantly under-resourced compared to others.

Leaders are able to access real-time locum usage data and use this information to help shape future budgets. This boosts patient care outcomes while also improving job satisfaction for permanent staff and locums.

Knowing how and where staff are working is the first step to creating an ICS-wide strategy that evolves with changing patient needs.

Example: Using Lantum to plan more effectively for the future 

An ageing population means that the NHS has an ever-increasing demand for more nursing staff. Flexible staff pools can be tailored to any clinical need, and having the flexibility to make nursing recruitment a priority in your ICS is invaluable when responding to patient needs. Plus, you’ll also get insights that help you improve engagement and retention among existing staff, reducing the number of skilled professionals that leave your ICS for good.

While those working in any individual practice will be aware of what’s needed, they can be disconnected from decision-makers. Lantum bridges the gap and ensures when a skill is needed, it’s identified and sourced quickly and efficiently.

Making a difference for Our Dorset ICS

Our Dorset ICS, one of the first to join Lantum’s Connected SchedulingTM platform, faced challenges with mobilising its workforce across multiple organisations and employers. Different processes and practices presented barriers to entry, while disconnects in onboarding approaches slowed things down.

They knew an off-the-shelf approach wouldn’t work. After partnering with Lantum, Our Dorset ICS achieved an impressive 90% shift fill rate in the first month of operation. To date, 100+ organisations and 350+ staff have been vetted and onboarded across the ICS.

Bath and North East Somerset, Swindon, and Wiltshire ICB are currently collaborating with Lantum to achieve similar improvements. Innovations delivered through the Connected SchedulingTM platform  make Lantum a full-service solution, not another locum agency. Lantum’s platform gives leaders greater insight, staff more career mobility, and practices easier access to the people they need.

Lantum also covers rota management and clinical governance through an intuitive central platform. The ability to make smarter strategic choices benefits everyone involved in the healthcare system. Most of all, it benefits the patients whose quality of life depends on decisions which are often made many miles away from their local practice.

Lantum adapts seamlessly to different settings 

The South West is a combination of several mid-size cities, many isolated rural areas, coastal regions and sparsely populated towns. Combined with a rapidly ageing population, this means the needs of the communities are ever-changing.

Leaders can struggle to see the fine details on the ground without losing sight of the big picture. This is a common issue for anyone in charge of a large organisation, but one which can have a significant impact on overall delivery.

Lantum supports ICSs in the South West with:

  • Centralised clinical governance so staff can work across organisations
  • Perks for staff like next-business-day pay with Lantum’s Rocketpay feature
  • Full visibility over available shifts across the region in a variety of clinical settings
  • Automated invoices, pensions and paperwork to reduce the admin burden

Lantum’s award-winning Connected SchedulingTM approach boosts engagement, morale and staff retention all at the same time. It allows leaders like you to see how and where your staff are working at a glance, which is crucial to ensure your ICS can adapt to new pressures.

Lantum currently works with 18 ICSs, 300+ PCNs and 1-in-2 GP practices across England to connect healthcare leaders with their workforce.

Learn more about how Lantum delivers ICS solutions across the South West here > 



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