Tesla boosts referral program to help sales, $1000 off and 3 months of free Full Self-Driving

Tesla is boosting its referral program to help sales at the end of the quarter with $1,000 off and 3 months of free Full Self-Driving for Model S and Model X, and more credits for Model 3 and Model Y.

While Tesla recently said that it will try a little advertising, it still relies on its user base to promote its vehicles and reward them in the process. 

The automaker took a break from its referral program for a few years, but it was relaunched last year for solar products and last month for cars.

Referrers and buyers earn credits when referring buyers and buyers using referral links. Those Tesla credits can be redeemed for free Supercharger miles, items in its online store, and entries in a Cybertruck raffle.

Today, Tesla updated its “loot box”, which is a section of its mobile app that operates the referral program, to change the referral benefits:

Now both buyers and referrers are getting more credits for new purchases. 500 more for Model 3 and Model Y.

For Model S and Model X, Tesla goes further by giving buyers an extra $1,000 off and 3 months of free Full Self-Driving package when using a referral /link code. That’s on top of getting more points.

Tesla appears to be looking to boost sales by the end of the quarter because those incentives are only in place for people who place an order by June 30.

I won’t spam my referral code, but if I helped you decide to buy a Tesla vehicle or product with my writing/podcast, you can reach out to me for a referral code at [email protected]. Using a referral code results in both the referrer and new buyer getting Tesla credit points, which are redeemable for Cybertruck raffle entries, Tesla accessories, free Supercharging miles, and more.

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