Eurobike 2023 starts tomorrow, but here’s an early look at the e-bike news

Eurobike is one of the largest two-wheeled vehicle trade shows in the world, and tomorrow the event returns to Frankfurt, Germany. Electrek will be on site to cover the show and share the latest announcements of interesting new bike tech.

There’s plenty coming our way, much of it still shrouded in secrecy until tomorrow. But we do already know of several announcements and new models that will be on display.

FUELL electric bikes

FUELL announced a pair of new long-range electric bikes just a couple months ago that certainly compete well for the title of the world’s longest range electric bicycles. While that’s a tricky title to nail down, the FUELL Flluid-2 is described as an “ultra-long-range powerhouse” with its two removable battery packs totaling 2 kWh of capacity. That doubles the battery capacity of the first-generation FUELL Flluid-1 and enables an impressive range of up to 225 mi (362 km) on a single charge.

The company’s other exciting new model, the Flluid-3, will also be on display at the show. That model is an easier-to-mount step-through e-bike that offers a single 1 kWh battery. According to FUELL, that should be enough battery for anyone that can live with a still-impressive 110 mi (177 km) range. That’s probably still enough for just about all of us.

We’re excited to announce the FUELL is also sponsoring our Eurobike coverage this year, so can be sure that we’ll have plenty of in-depth testing on the new models.


Blubrake’s anti-lock brake systems for electric bikes are designed to usher in a new level of safety, something long enjoyed by cars and to a lesser extent motorcycles.

One of Blubrake’s key innovations is their frame-integrated ABS design. That allows the hydraulic actuator and electronics to be hidden away inside of the frame tubes, maintaining a sleek look for the bike.

Blubrake has partnered with several e-bike and component manufacturers like Stromer, Thomus, Nireeka, Ellio, Shimano, and more. The company will display its innovations and offer test rides on its partner company bikes equipped with Blubrake ABS.

Mahle smartbike system

Mahle is an e-bike drivetrain and component manufacturer that will be showing off its latest innovations at Eurobike, including its impressive new e185 range extender battery.

The range extender battery, which works with Mahle’s X20 e-bike system, is designed to fit into any standard water bottle holder on an e-bike and add 170 Wh of capacity. According to the company, that can boost the bike’s range by up to 60 km (36 mi). At just 1.1 kg (2.4 lb), it weighs the same as a one liter water bottle.

The battery also comes with a neat charging dock known as the Energy Hub to make it easier to juice back up after a long ride. You can even use the hub to turn the range extender battery into a powerbank for charging your phone or other devices.

Tern’s new HSD

Tern recently updated its HSD with a new generation for the model, bringing one of the more mid-priced options in its diverse line of heavy-hauling cargo bikes into 2023 with a bang.

The bike includes a number of improvements based on customer desires as well as an upgraded Bosch powertrain.

As Tern team captain Josh Hon explained during the launch:

The HSD is for people who want the hauling capacity of a cargo bike, in a package that is much easier to ride and easier to handle. This new generation HSD adds improvements based on feedback we’ve collected from riders and our own team over the last 4 years. Plus, the new Bosch Smart System is a fantastic upgrade in pure power and also electronic smarts.

This will be my first chance to try out the new Tern HSD, so I’m excited to see how the bike feels with its new updates. In fact, my first experience on the original Tern HSD also happened at Eurobike, though four years ago.


Valeo is another e-bike drive maker that plans to show off its newest goods at Eurobike. The company will bring its Valeo Cyclee, a 48V pedal assist system designed for nearly any type of e-bike.

Last year at Eurobike the company unveiled a collaboration with Velco to rethink the electric bike of tomorrow and increase safety for cyclists as well as their bikes. FUELL, covered above, is set to become the first US-based brand to benefit from the partnership between Valeo and Velco, and FUELL’s bikes will be presented alongside Valeo at the show.

These are just a few highlights from early teasers, and there will be plenty more to see at the show, as many of the innovations we expect to discover are still under wraps.

From new e-bikes to improved safety gear like helmets and lighting, Eurobike is always full of surprises. Stay tuned for our complete coverage of the event.

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