CATL in talks to establish multiple battery recycling sites in Europe with eyes on North America next

CATL, the world’s largest battery manufacturer, looks to continue its dominance in its given market by expanding its existing battery recycling program to new continents outside of China. The company is in talks with a specific partner to erect multiple battery recycling facilities across Europe and may soon be doing the same in North America.

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., better known as CATL, is without a doubt the global leader in EV battery manufacturing. Its current reign was further solidified this past February, when it emerged as the largest battery market share holder on the planet for a sixth straight year.

In the past, CATL has not only made headlines for the sheer scope of its battery business, but for the advanced technologies it continues to introduce. The company supplies tech to several major EV automakers around the world and has delivered next-generation batteries like its Qilin cells into mass production.

Just recently, CATL announced it is developing energy-dense batteries that will one day be able to power fully-electric passenger planes. Most people with any knowledge of the industry are aware of CATL’s development and manufacturing prowess, but what many don’t know is that the company is already the world leader in battery recycling. It currently has the capacity to recover over 90% of a used battery cell’s lithium and more than 99% of its nickel, cobalt, and manganese.

The company has already invested tens of billions in battery recycling facilities in China, as well as Indonesia, but it’s now setting its sights on other continents and is looking for partners to help get it done.

CATL looks to continue global dominance through recycling

During a panel at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions this week, CATL’s chief manufacturing officer Ni Jun spoke to the company’s battery recycling plans, which include multiple sites in Europe with one specific partner.

Ni declined to identify the potential partner in talks with CATL and would not share details as to the number of recycling sites the battery manufacturer is planning. That being said, the company has already invested big bucks into battery manufacturing footprints in Germany and Hungary, so a facility nearby might make sense. Ni spoke:

We believe recycling is a must, otherwise when a vehicle retires, what do you do? It’s polluting soil, difficult, dangerous and can be explosive.

In addition to working with its mystery partner in Europe, CATL’s manufacturing chief said the company is in the process of seeking out partners to implement recycling sites in North America as well. He added that CATL is searching for global partners as it aggressively works to further capture the global market (could have seen that one coming).

With confirmed expansion plans for both Europe and North America, it’s clear that CATL has no intention of slowing down and is already eyeing that seventh-straight title as the global leader in manufacturing – throw battery recycling leader in there too for good measure (unless Redwood has anything to say about it).

That segment may end up being more vital to a circular economy and certainly the environment in the long run, and that’s what EV adoption is all about, is it not?

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