Watch this electric van smash a Guinness World Record by towing over 338K lbs

Which electric van can tow the most, you ask? Well, that title goes to the IVECO eDaily after the standard electric commercial van pulled over 338,500 lbs (153.58 tons), setting a new Guinness World Record.

Electric van sets new Guinness World Record for towing

Commercial vehicle manufacturer IVECO released its new eDaily electric van at the IAA Transportation 2022 Trade Fair in Hanover last September, designating it as the “electric twin” of one of its best-selling gas-powered van models.

Featuring up to three 37 kWh battery packs (111 kWh total) and an electric motor with up to 188 hp (140 kW) and 400 Nm peak torque, the IVECO eDaily offers the same performance as the diesel version, if not more.

The eDaily is the only electric light commercial van (LCV) with up to 4.6-ton payload, up to 20.3 m3 cargo volume, and the same towing capacity as diesel, according to IVECO.

To prove the electric van’s power, IVECO set out to put the eDaily’s strength and towing to the limit last month. Driven by Britain’s strongest man, Adam Bishop, the standard electric van had a towing weight target of over 286,000 lbs (130 tons) but pulled over 338,500 lbs (153.8 tons), setting a new Guinness World Record.

As you can see in the video, the electric van was towing a massive IVECO X-Way Strator (built to move up to 150-ton loads) with the truck’s trailer strapped to a 50-ton (110,000 lbs) Collard Group earth mover (with an additional 14,000 lbs added for good measure).

In addition, a fully loaded IVECO X-Way 8×4 tipper truck and an all-terrain airport fire truck were then attached for a total weight of 338,585 lbs (153 tons).

The electric vans’ “High Power” mode (fitted as standard) was enabled, which provides short bursts of energy.

After a tough fight, the eDaily carried the massive load down the 100-foot stretch at the Blackbushe Airport in Surrey, UK. The vehicles towed by the electric van were weighed using precision weight pads as part of Guinness World Record regulations.

With a new towing record under its belt, rest assured the eDaily is more than capable of handling its official towing capacity of up to 3.5 tons (7,716 lbs).

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