Pedego Avenue: Lightweight Powerhouse that Upgrades to the Moon [Video]

The Pedego Avenue is a remarkable electric bike that combines the best of customization and performance. Crafted with precision by experts in the American eBike industry, this bike offers a unique riding experience that can be tailored to suit individual preferences. With a minimalist design, powerful motor, and an array of custom-made accessories, the 10 years of development really paid off. For a limited time, Electrek readers can get up to $500 off Pedego bikes including The Avenue.

Solid Foundation

Starting out with a lightweight, and sleek European style frame, the Avenue also holds a hefty battery in the thin downtube. Included stock is a 48v 10.4ah battery, Shimano 7 speed cassette, 500w geared hub motor, 5 levels of pedal assist and full throttle control. For stopping power the Avenue sports puncture resistant tires and 180mm mechanical disc brakes, which make quick work on such a lightweight platform. The adjustable stem compliments the riding position, which can be fitted to several sizes on a single frame. For a bike that can be ready purchased at a local storefront, the Avenue already catches notice, but what really sets this design apart is the wide array of custom made accessories and upgrades.

Frame Options Galore

Inside the bike itself, the battery can be upgraded to hold 14ah in the same form factor, enabling up to 56 miles of range. Whether you prefer a bold and vibrant color or a more understated look, the Avenue offers a range of frame options to choose from. Between the classic step over frame shape and step-through shape, Pedego offers 6 different colors, 2 wheel sizes and 2 frame sizes to match most any rider, which is hard to come-by in the electric bike space.

Custom Accessories to Boot

The curated and sometimes crafted accessories and upgrades for the Pedego Avenue are simply amazing. The front and rear rack for the Avenue secure to the frame as strong as oak, and the rear rack attachment points hide well tucked on the inner face of the seat-stay. This strong base can house the custom fit pannier selection which includes a pet carrier, double pannier, cooler insert, and much more. Inside the pannier, one could hold the pedego flat tire kit, fast charger, flexible link lock, and folding lock (which enables 5 year theft protection).

On top of the cargo accessories, the Avenue can be customized with yet more upgrades, including a front shock, metal pedals, comfort saddle, suspension seat-post, phone holder, fenders, thumb throttle attachment, and a set of integrated lights which include a front, rear and brake light function.

Personal Touch

So how does someone choose with this dizzying array of options? That’s where the Pedego store comes in.

Pedego takes pride in providing exceptional customer service through their extensive network of over 220 retail locations across the United States. Each store is staffed with knowledgeable eBike enthusiasts who are passionate about helping riders find their perfect bike. With expert guidance of over 20 models and personalized recommendations, Pedego’s retail experts ensure that every rider receives the support they need to make informed decisions. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or new to the eBike scene, Pedego’s dedicated team is ready to assist you on your journey.

Pedego Avenue Does it All

With its unparalleled customization options, riders can design their dream ride that reflects their style and personality. The Avenue’s exceptional performance ensures thrilling adventures both stock and decked-out, while the expert support provided by Pedego’s retail locations guarantees a personalized and satisfying buying experience. The Avenue showcases Pedego’s experience and craftsmanship in the USA eBike space.

In July, Pedego is running a promotion – Ride Green, Save Green – where you can save up to 500 USD on their bikes, including the Avenue. Find it at www.pedegoelectricbikes.com or contact a dealer near you.

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