Rivian is sunsetting its least popular color paint option, and you can probably guess which

If you were waiting on a new Compass Yellow Rivian, I hate to break the news, but the EV maker is discontinuing the paint color option.

Rivian discontinuing the Compass Yellow color option

The Rivian R1T and R1S come standard with its LA Silver. However, you can choose to upgrade the paint color to Glacier White, Rivian Blue, Forest Green (my personal favorite), Red Canyon, Midnight, El Cap Granite, or Limestone.

Rivian did offer a Compass Yellow color option, but according to recent information relayed from the company, that will no longer be the case.

The EV maker sent an email out to R1T and R1S reservation holders waiting on a Compass Yellow model this week, stating, “We are unable to provide you a delivery window estimate at this time due to the upcoming discontinuation of the Compass Yellow in mid-September.”

Rivian says a follow-up email about the changes should be expected before mid-September, outlining when changes will need to be made. One user posted the following email on Rivian Owners Forum, confirming the details.

Email from Rivian (Source: Rivian Owners Forum/ user:bkcrown)

Meanwhile, the email gives you the option to choose another paint color. Or, Rivian says, if no action is taken, your reservation will automatically default to LA Silver (so make sure you check your email).

Rivian R1T in Compass Yellow and Forest Green (Source: Rivian)

Rivian is also discontinuing the 20-inch all-terrain Bright wheel option and the vegan leather interior, according to reports posted on Rivian Owners Forum.

The EV maker planned to begin production of the vegan leather interior accents in both Ocean Coast and Black Mountain this year, but it’s no longer featured on Rivian’s website. All R1T and R1S models will come standard with natural-grained ash wood interior finishes.

Electrek’s Take

Although some may have had their hearts set on the Compass Yellow color, Bright all-terrain tires, or vegan leather interior, these were some of the most popular options.

Rivian looks to streamline production to get models in customers’ hands as quickly as possible. Discontinuing a few of the least popular options is an effective way to enhance efficiency.

Rivian’s gross margins improved by 50% in the most recent quarter as the EV maker introduced new in-house components like the Enduro drive units and LFP battery packs.

Meanwhile, deliveries also improved by 50% (12,640) as Rivian accelerated production at its Normal, Illinois, production facility.

After the strong showing in Q2, Rivian raised guidance and now expects to build 52,000 electric vehicles this year, more than doubling last year’s production total of 24,337.

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