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North West London ICS shares remote blood pressure monitoring pilot – htn

The North West London Digital First programme has been piloting a remote blood pressure monitoring application with 1,476 patients, and has reported that managing blood pressure and medication from home with the support of a GP is safe and effective.

The ICS noted that 79% of the 1,476 patients involved are actively logging their blood pressure, with the average systolic blood pressure drop for those patients using the platform for nine months to be nearly 18 mmHg.

Using Viso Hypertension Plus, “a remote patient management service from OMRON Healthcare”, since April of 2021, has meant that patients taking part “no longer need to travel to attend GP appointments to monitor their blood pressure”, since readings can be shared within the app, and “they can also stay on top of taking their medications as per the plan”.

In the event that a patient records an unusual blood pressure reading, the app asks them to retake the reading in five minutes time, before prompting the patient on “the next course of immediate action they should take”, if those results remain out of the ordinary. The app can also generate an alert for healthcare professionals, to enable them to respond with the level of urgency the situation requires.

Priyanka Jani, healthcare assistant at Wembley Park Drive Medical Centre, commented: “It’s very helpful for patients – especially for those who are technically savvy. They can submit their blood pressure from home.”

In June, our feature article covered some of the latest developments in patient-facing tech, and how they are impacting service delivery, patient engagement, patient-provider relationships and equitable access in the realms of health and care.

In July, we covered the news that HealthTrust Europe LLP, on behalf on Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust, was looking to establish a framework agreement worth an estimated £8,250 million, for the supply of additional capacity planning services including virtual consultations and remote patient monitoring.



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