NIO officially launches refreshed EC6 SUV starting under $50,000 – deliveries already underway

Days after promising an official launch of its refreshed EC6 SUV, NIO has shared all pertinent details, including new design features inside and out, as well as what it will cost consumers. Following today’s launch event in China, the EV is already rolling out to customers in an unprecedented launch strategy.

We won’t spend too much time on the history of the NIO EC6, as we recapped its path to today’s launch a mere few days ago, when NIO confirmed the public would get all the tasty specs and pricing today.

NIO has made good on its word in more than one way. Not only by launching the refreshed EC6, but by immediately beginning deliveries in a unique fashion. At a price below $50,000 and even less if you lease the battery, the EC6 arrives with LiDAR, an active spoiler, and a “Queen’s seat.”

Check it out.

NIO offers an impressive refresh of its EC6 SUV

NIO shared the images seen above and below via its Weibo page following its official EC6 launch in China earlier today. The revamped SUV starts at a price of RMB 358,000 ($49,200) for the model with the 75 kWh standard range battery pack and RMB 416,000 ($57,200) for the the long-range battery pack (100 kWh).

If Chinese consumers want to save even more money, they can opt for NIO’s battery leasing option, in which they pay less up front and essentially rent their SUVs battery each month. That version of the EC6 costs RMB 218,000 ($39,600) up front and either RMB 980 ($135) and RMB 1,680 ($231) per month for the 75 kWh or 100 kWh battery pack, respectively. Per NIO’s Weibo:

The new EC6 smart electric coupe SUV is now on the market, priced from 358,000 yuan. The ready-to-go coupe posture, transparent cabin design, ultimate driving control, and leading intelligent experience bring a car experience that exceeds expectations. Comes standard with the second-generation Queen’s co-pilot and comfort package. The new EC6 has more highlights. One picture will help you understand.

As we mentioned earlier this week, the EC6 is the last of NIO’s model to join its NT 2.0 platform and now features the same LiDAR, camera, headlamp and taillight design as its all-electric siblings. It’s OS and ADAA is powered by a NVIDIA Orin chip, delivering 1,016 TOPS and its refreshed exterior offers a drag coefficient of 0.24 Cd.

Its maximum range with the 100 kWh pack is 615km (382 miles) CLTC and features technology inside such as a Panocinema display complete with viewing glasses, a reclining “Queen’s seat” in the front, and 1.77㎡ panoramic glass roof (see images below).

No mention from NIO yet on when Europe might see the refreshed EC6 make its way over, but we’d suspect those plans are in the works. Local drivers in China are the priority as deliveries roll out today, but NIO definitely has plans to get this SUV out to as many people as possible, so expect to see it overseas next year.

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