Candela C-8 flying electric boat with Polestar batteries begins production

The Candela C-8 “powered by Polestar” electric boat has just commenced production, setting the stage for upcoming deliveries of the most advanced hydrofoil electric boat yet.

Flying on a pair of carbon fiber hydrofoils, the C-8 electric boat uses a mere fraction of the energy required by most boats. While many electric boats have battery packs larger than those in a massive electric HUMMER, Swedish electric boat maker Candela can actually achieve even more range with a battery similar in size to a smaller electric car.

Candela and fellow Swedish electric car maker Polestar announced their partnership in January of this year, intending to outfit Candela’s C-8 daycruiser with the same 69 kWh battery pack and DC fast charging technology as found in the electric fastback Polestar 2 car.

That DC fast charging also helped Candela recently set a new world record for the longest distance traveled by an electric boat in 24 hours.

candela c-8

The Polestar battery pack gives the C-8 an electric range of up to 57 nautical miles at 22 knots (25 mph) and makes it the fastest-charging boat on the market, “ready to take full use of the marine DC charging networks being built out in the US and Europe.”

With the capability to cruise at speeds up to 27 knots (31 mph) and recharge its battery in only 35 minutes via DC charging, the Polestar-powered C-8 claims an electric range “that is 2-3 times that of traditional powerboats, yet charges more rapidly.”

Niklas Nordin, chief product officer at Candela, expanded further on the impact of that fast charging capability combined with the Candela C-8’s unique design:

“Marine DC charging coupled with our hydrofoil technology’s long electric range will introduce new ways to explore on coastlines and archipelagos. Whereas cruising nautical miles in a day in a petrol-powered boat is challenging due to noise and slamming, it’s not only doable but very enjoyable in a C-8.”

candela c-8 center console

The C-8 “powered by Polestar” is available in three versions: as an open Daycruiser, a weather-sheltered Hardtop, and a T-TOP model.

The Florida-inspired T-TOP was unveiled late last year and is likely to prove popular in the US market where T-Top daycruisers reign supreme.

To see an earlier version of the C-8 in action, check out my own test drive experience in the video below.

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