This efficient electric boat will cleanup pollution in canals and waterways with zero emissions

UK-based maritime specialist MMS Workboats looks to clean up the plastic pollution plaguing local canals and waterways with the Envirocat Eco 8.5 – an all-electric boat launched (no pun intended) today.

MMS Workboats is a division of MMS Ship Repair & Dry Dock Co Ltd. – a Yorkshire, UK-based developer of workboats, repairs, and dry dock services since 1988. In order to continue to demonstrate leadership in its given segment, MMS has looked to bring less pollution and more sustainability to the waters it serves using all-electric boats.

According to MMS, recent studies found that 5000 pieces of plastic and 150 plastic bottles inhabit waters for each mile of UK beaches, and most of this pollution enters seas through rivers and inland waterways.

Worse still, the United Nations Environment Program report from 2021 states there is an estimated 75-199 million tons of plastic in the world’s oceans. That’s an issue that needs quick solving for the sake of our planet’s ecosystem – not unlike the world’s paradigm shift to electric vehicles on land.

MMS’ journey to combat this aquatic pollution pandemic continues with the Envirocat All-Electric Eco 8.5 boat, the newest vessel in its pollution control range making its debut today.

MMS’ news electric boat looks to tackle water pollution

MMS Workboats shared details of its new plastic and debris collection vessel following its official launch in the UK today. Designed to specifically rid local waterways of pollution to bring sustainability to industries like fish farming and aquaculture, the new Eco 8.5 electric boat safely removes plastic and flotsam from the water’s surface – all with zero emissions.

The 8.5-meter vessel can be operated by a single person, adding efficiency to its environmentally friendly duties of aquatic cleanup. MMS’ new vessel was developed in conjunction with Naval Architecture Firm Rockabill Marine Design in response to the increasing need for plastic removal from waterways worldwide.

It is powered by two electric outboard motors and a battery pack that can support an eight-hour shift at an impressive operating cost of just £2 ($2.44) per hour (based on 2023 UK electric costs of 34p per kWh). MMS shared that the electric boat can hold up to 3 square meters of marine pollution at a time and has been designed to support a number of applications, including clearing harbors, ports, marinas, lakes, and canals, in addition to serving as a zero-emissions workboat. Per MMS managing director Rob Langton:

The Envirocat All-Electric Eco 8.5 is the latest version of our popular Envirocat pollution control range, and marks a significant milestone in our commitment to environmental sustainability and innovation. We are proud to introduce a zero-emission vessel that not only helps clean our waterways but also supports the growth of eco- conscious industries like aquaculture, without a hefty price tag. This launch underscores our dedication to providing efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly solutions to our customers.

The Envirocat 8.5 Eco is now available, and MMS Workboats says interested parties are invited to arrange a visit to its shipyard in Hull, UK, for trials on a demonstration vessel.

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