XPeng to hold its annual Tech Day next week, hinting at introduction of its own AI

EV automaker XPeng Motors is set to hold its annual 1024 Tech Day in China next week and has begun teasing some exciting technology. In addition to a roadmap of its autonomous driving technology, XPeng is also teasing robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) as topics that will be showcased.

XPeng Motors currently sits as one of the most prominent EV brands in China that continues to try and gain a wider audience of customers with expansions into Europe. While competitors like NIO have delved into adjacent technologies like battery swaps and mobile phones, XPeng has taken an arguably more exciting approach to electric mobility, developing some of the most advanced autonomous driving systems and a subbrand called Aero HT developing genuine flying cars.

As an innovator in its given space, we always look forward to XPeng’s annual 1024 Tech Day, which takes place on – you guessed it – October 24 each year. Last year’s event included the debut of 480 kW superchargers, an overhaul of its XPILOT ADAS, and even a robotic pony prototype designed to entertain children.

XPeng has begun teasing this year’s event on social media, and from what we’ve seen, we can expect more of the same – autonomous driving updates and advancements in robotics. However, a new technology on the docket for this year’s event appears to be AI.

XPeng Tech Day
Credit: XPeng / Weibo

XPeng Tech Day 2023 promises autonomy and AI

The image above is a snippet of a Tech Day 2023 teaser banner posted to XPeng’s Weibo page earlier today. The top text translates to “Xpeng + AI = ? #1024 Xpeng Tech Day,” tipping the public off to the prospect of AI being one of the discussion topics during the livestream.

The fifth annual event will be held at XPeng’s production site in Guangzhou, which is also where it’s headquartered. Other topics confirmed by the automaker include its autonomous driving technology and mobility ecosystem consisting of its smart EVs and aforementioned robotics.

In terms of autonomy, XPeng is expected to share the progress of its XNGP self-driving technology, which is arguably some of the most impressive in the entire industry, enabling full-scenario autonomy from start to park. ADAS’ City NGP technology is in beta, and it isn’t expected to see a full rollout in China until 2024, but we are almost certainly sure to get an update as to its improvements.

As for the other details, well, that remains unclear. While AI might be the most anticipated news to come out of Tech Day 2023, it may not be tipping its full hand yet. Last year, the automaker capped off the 2022 stream by debuting an actual flying car – one we saw actually complete a flight days later.

Per the Weibo post, XPeng’s livestream from Tech Day 2023 will begin its Chinese broadcast at 8 p.m. Beijing time (8 a.m. EST) on October 24, followed by a replay in English available at 7 a.m. EST on October 25. Check back with Electrek then for the full recap.

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