Enphase launches IQ EV charger line that integrates into its solar and battery energy systems

Energy systems developer Enphase Energy is providing an even more holistic approach to managing home power usage with the introduction of new EV charger technology called the IQ line. The Enphase IQ is Wi-Fi enabled and integrates seamlessly into a customer’s existing home system that can be controlled with your phone.

Enphase Energy ($ENPH) describes itself as the world’s leading supplier of solar and battery systems and currently operates as a global energy technology company. It specializes in micro-inverter-based systems that have helped revolutionize energy management systems in over 145 countries to date.

By shipping over 68 million micro-inverters, Enphase’s Energy Systems have been able to combine solar and battery technology to empower its customers to use, save, and sell their own energy – all while managing everything through a smart mobile app.

Today, Enphase launched its latest product line for home systems – IQ EV Chargers – which optimize charging while contributing to the lower energy bills the entire system can deliver.

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Enphase launches IQ EV home Charger

After teasing new technologies pertaining to the EV space this past April, Enphase Energy has gone public with the launch of the new IQ chargers. These chargers are Wi-Fi enabled, meaning they can be controlled and monitored through the Enphase app, alongside the system’s other components.

The charger itself features a J1772 connector and is available in two different options for power levels ranging from 32 to 64 amps. Fast charging options are also available, promising up to 31 and 61 miles of range per hour.

Homeowners can now access their IQ charger directly from their phone and control when and how to charge. For example, when paired with Enphase’s solar tech, customers can opt to charge their EV entirely from energy gathered on the roof panels alone. They also have the option to send that clean energy to battery storage to recharge at a later time – whenever they choose to schedule the process. Per Jayant Somani, vice president and general manager, digital business unit at Enphase Energy:

We are excited to further our total home energy management offering with the new IQ EV Charger and offer a one-stop-shop for installers and homeowners. Installing an EV charger with a solar and battery system simply makes sense and can reduce overall installation costs. By choosing Enphase, homeowners will know they’re getting some of the highest-quality and innovative products in the market to help meet their energy needs.

The IQ home EV chargers are already listed on Enphase’s website if you’d like to learn more. They are now available in the US and Canada to begin.

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