Nissan unleashes the ‘Hyper Punk’ – its fourth EV concept this month

Another day, another EV concept rendering from Nissan. This evening, the Japanese automaker shared images of the Hyper Punk – its fourth all-electric concept in a new “Hyper” series of design exercises set to make physical debuts next week. Does this one look punk to you?

Anyone else getting déjà vu? A mere two days after unveiling an interesting looking minivan concept, Nissan is back at it with yet another set of digital renderings. Monday’s Hyper Tourer announcement joined two other previous press releases this month that showcased both the kaleidoscope-inspired Hyper Urban EV and the rugged Hyper Adventure SUV.

Nissan has said these designs represent a future of EVs to come and it chose the word “Hyper” as a fitting expression of the “heightened excitement” it aims to bring to the table… someday. For now, these concepts remain in the digital world.

However, while Nissan continues to dangle the non-physical carrot in front of us through October, it has vowed to show off physical versions of each of these EVs at the Japan Mobility Show next week. Joining them will be a fourth sibling in the Hyper family tree… and it’s the punk of the litter.

More like Cyberpunk 2077.

Nissan introduces a fourth EV concept to display in Japan

Nissan’s Hyper Punk EV is a compact crossover “tailored for content creators, influencers, artists, and those who embrace style and innovation.” The automaker’s fourth concept installment appears to complete the set, as all four mentioned above are now on a 3D digital billboard display in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo, building hype for their physical presence at the Japan Mobility Show.

As you’ll notice in the images above, the EV’s interior features origami-inspired elements that fuse the digital and artistic realms… especially since its a digitally designed piece of art itself (just sayin’). Per Nissan:

The onboard cameras can capture the scenery around the car and use AI to convert to manga-style scenery or graphic patterns according to the owner’s preferences. The imagery can then be projected on a three-screen display arranged around the driver in the cockpit, creating a space where reality and the world of the metaverse are fused together.

Designed to be a mobile creative studio in addition to a V2X electric vehicle, the Hyper Punk concept offers internet connectivity that can link to occupants’ devices and creative equipment while on the go. AI and headrest biosensors detect the driver’s mood and automatically set the ambiance with the appropriate music and lighting to boost the driver’s energy and creativity. I could use some of that technology right now as I sit here writing about concept renderings instead of sleeping.

The EV’s exterior features polygonal surfaces and 23-inch wheels designed for both urban and off-road terrain… just in case you tend to find your brightest creative spark off the beaten path somewhere.

In other news, the Hyper Punk, along with its other conceptual kin, will soon become available on the online game Fortnite under the name “Electrify the World.” They will also be featured in an upcoming music video debuting on October 25 – the same day all four make their physical debut at the Japan Mobility Show. What do you think? Would a Blade Runner drive this thing?

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