Too Much Power: STARRUN S20 Folding, Dual-Suspension [Sponsored]

In the ever-evolving world of electric bicycles, the Starrun S20 has emerged as a true powerhouse, redefining the boundaries of what a folding bike can achieve. This dual suspension folding electric bike has set a new standard for thrilling rides up steep hills and long-distance adventures. There is a lot going on in such a small package: folding capability, battery and motor, performance, control and safety, gearing, and cadence assist, and more.

Display and Design

The Starrun S20 immediately catches the eye with its sleek orange and black design. Unlike conventional folding bikes designed for short commutes, the S20 is built for the challenge of conquering steep hills and covering substantial distances. With a weight of approximately 80 pounds and an impressive carrying capacity of 300 pounds, this bike is a true workhorse. Its wide rack and easy mounting options push the boundaries of what folding bikes are expected to do.

One standout feature is the S20’s vibrant and user-friendly display. Most folding bikes have a simple and monochrome display, but not here. With easy to read colors and graphics, the display is also equipped with a convenient remote switch, allowing riders to effortlessly adjust settings on the go, enhancing the overall riding experience.

Folding Feature

Perhaps one of the most enticing features of the Starrun S20 is its folding capability. This innovation allows the bike to fold its frame, handlebars, and pedals, making transportation and storage incredibly convenient. Whether you’re a daily urban commuter or a weekend explorer, the S20’s versatility is a game-changer.

Battery and Motor

At the heart of the Starrun S20 lies its impressive powertrain. With a 52-volt, 16-ampere-hour battery and a robust 750-watt geared motor, this bike is designed for those who crave power and performance. It effortlessly tackles steep inclines, making hill climbs feel like a breeze.

Dual Suspension for Practicality

With so many features packed in, the headliner is the dual suspenion. Having the capability of absorbing about 800lbs, the comfort for the rider, and the control it can provide is great for staying cool, or staying balanced while carrying a load. The front suspension is adjustable and has a lockout to meet your preference, and combined with the wide footprint of the rear rack, I’m sure this bike can do more than meets the eye. 


During testing on challenging terrain, the Starrun S20 exhibited lightning-fast throttle response and an unwavering ability to conquer inclines with ease. Its powerful motor feels like having a superhero sidekick, propelling you up even the steepest hills.

Control and Safety

Safety is paramount when riding a bike capable of speeds up to 28 miles per hour. The Starrun S20 features hydraulic brakes that provide precise stopping power, ensuring rider safety even during high-speed rides. Additionally, the front and rear lights, including a tail light function, keep riders visible and secure during nighttime adventures.

Gearing and Cadence Assist

While the electric system delivers impressive power, the inclusion of a Shimano Tourney derailleur supported by the cadence-based pedal assist function adds another layer of convenience. This feature reduces rider effort and optimizes gearing for a smooth ride, making the S20 suitable for various terrains.


The Starrun S20 excels in terms of convenience. Its locking and removable battery simplifies recharging, allowing riders to bring the battery inside or charge it on the bike. This design maintains optimal weight distribution, crucial for maintaining balance in challenging terrain.


In summary, the Starrun S20 is a game-changing electric bike that seamlessly combines power, style, and convenience. It is the ideal choice for thrill-seekers who crave exhilarating rides up steep hills without breaking a sweat. With its folding capability, top-tier power, and eye-catching design, the S20 stands out as a true innovator in the electric bike world.

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