Ford is offering up to $13,000 off the 2023 Mustang Mach-E

With a new dealer incentive and Retail Customer Cash bonus, now may be the best time to buy Ford’s all-electric SUV. All versions of the 2023 Mustang Mach-E now include a significant discount for those buying or leasing.

A bulletin sent to dealers last week revealed a new discount for buying or leasing the 2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E, according to auto research firm CarsDirect.

Ford is now offering $6,250 in Retail Customer Cash on the 2023 Mustang Mach-E GT. The deal runs through January 2 and can be combined with the $3,750 EV tax credit for up to $10,000 in combined savings.

For those looking to lease, Ford Credit offers the same discount in Red Carpet Lease Cash on 2023 Mach-E models.

The Premium and California Route 1 are eligible for a $4,250 rebate, while the Mach-E Select qualifies for $1,250

Meanwhile, Ford introduced a hidden Mach-E discount less than two weeks ago. The automaker is offering an additional $3,000 in dealer cash on Mustang Mach-E models ordered before May 1.

Ford Mustang Mach-E GT (Source: Ford)

2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E purchase and lease prices

The Select and GT trims are eligible for the maximum incentive on purchases, while the Premium and California Route 1 each receive $2,000. For leases, Ford is offering $1,000 across the entire lineup.

2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E trim Starting Price Lease at
(per month)
Due at signing
(for leases)
Select $42,995 $637 $5,117
Premium $46,995 $607 $5,487
California Route 1 $56,995 $759 $6,639
GT $59,995 $733 $6,913
2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E purchase and lease prices (Source: Ford)

However, dealers can decide to hold the dealer cash as profit or pass it along to the consumer. So, is it the best time to buy or lease a Mach-E?

For buying, perhaps. But despite similar MSRPs, the Tesla Model Y is still a way better deal with leases starting at $399 per month due to better lease incentives.

2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E (Source: Ford)

The new Mach-E deals come after Ford introduced a significant discount on the F-150 Lightning earlier this month.

Ford is offering up to $7,500 off the lease or purchase of a 2023 F-150 Lightning. With a potential $7,500 tax credit, shoppers can save up to $15,000.

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