Lucid Motors turns to a new demand lever: An owner referral program

Relatively young EV automaker Lucid Motors has announced a new referral program for current and incoming owners of its flagship Air sedan. The American automaker is still looking to find a larger audience in the growing EV segment and hopes to incentivize buyers with some tiered perks.

While Lucid Motors’ journey to today took several years of development, the American automaker didn’t truly step out of obscurity and into its own spotlight in the luxury EV segment until it officially launched its flagship Air sedan… and boy, did it turn some heads.

Now delivering four variants, including the most recent tri-motor Sapphire, Lucid Motors has impressed all who have experienced its flagship EV firsthand – not only for quality inside and out but for its sheer performance and arguably the best efficiency in kWh/mile.

The software side is an entirely different issue that Lucid has been hashing out since the debut of the Dream Edition Air sedans at launch, but you cannot deny the overall quality of these vehicles. You get what you pay for, however, and to drive off in a new Air, it’s going to cost you.

Even its entry-level Pure trim starts at an MSRP north of $77,000, so Lucid’s EVs are not for the everyman… at least not yet. As a result, sales have slowly trickled in, and the automaker is sitting on a ton of inventory. Lucid’s recent Q3 report told a similar tale – producing a mere 1,550 cars – a near 29% drop compared to a quarter prior and well short of its target to produce 10,000 EVs this year.

To drum up some hype and get current and upcoming owners involved, Lucid is introducing a new referral program. If you’re thinking you’re about to save $5,000 on a new Air Grand Touring, however, you’re mistaken.


Lucid begins referral program that varies by model sold

Lucid broke down the details of its new EV referral program this morning, which includes benefits for new buyers, but the automaker hasn’t forgotten about its current owners looking to spread the good word either. Lucid’s vice president of sales and service, Zak Edson, spoke about the new program:

Our mission at Lucid is to inspire the adoption of sustainable mobility, and our customers are our greatest advocates in this mission. The Lucid Referral Program celebrates and rewards our Lucid owners for their excitement and commitment to the brand. We deeply value the Lucid community and are steadfast in providing a world-class customer experience long after customers take delivery of their vehicle.

Beginning with current owners, Lucid Air drivers can get themselves a unique referral code to share with friends and family… or loyal Electrek readers (kidding, I don’t own a Lucid). For every referral that comes to fruition, that current Lucid owner will receive points that can be saved up and redeemed for Lucid branded gear, vehicle accessories, or limited-edition products. Maybe we’ll see a tequila battle with Tesla? How ’bout it!

Lucid also shares that EV owners will be able to redeem their points for unique brand experiences, including an exclusive tour of the automaker’s headquarters in Silicon Valley or its AMP-1 assembly plant in Casa Grande, Arizona (highly recommend).

While current Lucid owners can gain perks from referrals, those individuals going through with the sale can benefit, too. The company is offering point-of-sale discounts when you use a referral link, varying by which Air option you choose. Here’s how it breaks down.

  • Air Pure – $750 off
  • Touring – $1,000 discount
  • Grand Touring – $1,250 off
  • Sapphire – A branded duffel bag upcycled from the same leather featured in the Lucid Air Sapphire (seen below).
  • Note: These discounts will come as a post-delivery rebate for leasing customers
Lucid referral

$1,250 off might not make a huge difference when you’re already throwing down $125,000 on a new Air Grand Touring, but it’s better than nothing, right? Don’t be ungrateful. Another factor to note is once you take delivery of your new Lucid Air, you can immediately get a referral code of your own and start bombarding all your coworkers to join the pack.

Lucid’s referral program is live now; check out its dedicated page to learn more.

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