Infiniti unveils sporty Vision Qe electric sedan previewing the brand’s first EV

The luxury automaker unveiled the sporty Infiniti Qe electric sedan concept Tuesday, previewing the brand’s first EV that will hit US streets. We also caught a glimpse of Infiniti’s first electric SUV.

Infiniti announced plans to launch four new models as part of a major brand revamp by 2030, including two fully electric vehicles.

Nissan’s luxury division has watched US sales drop from nearly 80,000 in 2020 to less than 46,700 last year. To spark life into the brand, Infiniti introduced a new “visual identity” and model rollout plan this summer.

The new plans call for rejuvenating sales by mid-decade to reach 100,000. By 2030, Infiniti will have an entirely new lineup with four new vehicles, two being fully electric.

Its first will be an electric fastback sedan. Infiniti teased its first EV with the Vision Qe earlier this month, revealing its sleek fastback. But Infiniti’s latest update gives us a better look at what we can expect.

Infiniti Vision Qe concept (Source: Infiniti)

Infiniti previews first EV with sleek Vision Qe fastback

The Vision Qe “showcases the evolved design form” Infiniti looks to display in the new electric era. You can see the electric sedan’s sleek low profile and bold rear fenders, creating “a single fluid design gesture that flows from front to rear.”


The concept features a massive gold frame up front, reimagining Infiniti’s double-arched grille with a Porsche-like fastback. You can also see the vehicle’s large wheels have a woven-like design inspired by the coil of an electric motor.

Infiniti’s signature “digital piano key” lightning is featured in the front and rear, with a shade of gold.

Dealers were shown the model this summer, with some describing it as similar to the Tesla Model S in terms of proportions. A few others said it was a “striking evolution” of the Q70.


Infiniti’s first EV will be assembled at Nissan’s Canton, Miss, plant alongside a midsize electric SUV. The company previewed the electric SUV with the Vision QXe concept. Dealers who were shown the concept described it as a “futuristic-looking Infiniti QX50.”

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