These Tesla wheel covers for Model Y or Model 3 will transform the entire look instantly [Save 10%]

If you drive a Tesla Model Y or Model 3, Tesloid has just the wheel covers for you – they look fantastic and protect your rims. Plus, Electrek readers can exclusively save 10%.

Model Y drivers can choose from the stunning Blade and Viking wheel covers, and Tesloid also offers two beautiful choices for the Model 3: Induction and Sport.

And Tesloid is offering Electrek readers an exclusive 10% discount for its wheel covers:

Head-turning wheel covers for Tesla Model Y and Model 3

Tesloid Model 3 Sport Wheel Covers

So you drive a Model Y, and you chose the 19-inch Gemini wheels included in the price. If you chose the Geminis because you preferred how they look, that’s great. But maybe you opted for the Geminis because you didn’t want to fork out an extra $2,000 for the 20-inch Induction Wheels. We get it.

And if you’re a Model 3 driver, maybe you went for the 18-inch Aero Wheels that were included in the car’s price instead of paying an extra $1,500 for the 19-inch Sport Wheels. Perhaps you opted to spend that $1,500 on Solid Black paint instead.

But maybe you sometimes check out the Induction or Sport Wheels on other folks’ Teslas and kinda wish you’d gone for those when you had the chance.

Guess what? You’re in luck because Tesloid Wheel Covers are precision fitment products that won’t break the bank – 3D scan technology ensures the covers are engineered to fit precisely.

The wheel covers are made of ABS and can be installed in less than a minute each. And not only do they look sharp, but you also get added rim protection due to the greater radius of the wheel covers.

Plus, the wheel covers give you better range efficiency compared to using no covers at all. So not only will your car look better and have added protection against curb rash, but you’ll also get more mileage out of every charge. The new wheel covers also come with a storage bag to store away and protect your original wheel covers.

Electrek readers save 10%

Tesloid Model Y Viking Wheel Covers

It’s a gorgeous quality product for a great price. Electrek readers can take advantage of Tesloid’s exclusive 10% discount by entering the promo code WC10 at the links below.

About Tesloid

Check out Tesloid’s other interior and exterior offerings because it’s an excellent one-stop shop for Tesla owners. The company was started by a small team of engineers and enthusiasts who operate out of Toronto and Union City, California. They’re passionate Tesla owners, so they listened to other Tesla owners at meet-ups and then created products everyone wanted. Their benchmark is quality – if it isn’t well made, Tesloid won’t sell it.

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