Tesla leaks new Model S sports seats for Plaid version

Tesla has leaked upcoming new sports seats for the Model S Plaid through its service manual.

When it comes to having performance versions of its vehicles, Tesla primarily makes suspension and brake upgrades.

Often, it doesn’t even change the powertrain. It stays the same, but its software locks capabilities in cheaper versions and unlocks them for the performance versions in order to achieve faster acceleration and top speed.

It results in minimal hardware differences between versions – streamlining vehicle production.

Last week, we learned that Tesla was working on new “sport seats” for the updated Model 3 Performance.

Now, we learn that the automaker is working on something similar for Model S, and we even get a glimpse at them.

References to the new seats were found by /u/S3pirion on Reddit in Tesla’s updated service manual for the Model S:

On top of the reference, we even get a picture from the instructions on how to remove the seats:

The picture shows a new shape that differs from the seats currently found in the Model S. The headrest is also longer, and obviously you have a new hole in the middle with what appears to be some sort of Plaid logo.

Some of the material also looks to be updated, with the main one seemingly being perforated fake leather with a different type of material on the side support.

There’s significant creasing at the bottom, but hopefully, this picture is only of a prototype and not a production version.

It’s unclear when Tesla plans to launch these new seats and if they will be the only upgrade to the Model S Plaid.

What do you think of the new sports seats for the Model S? Let us know in the comments section below.

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