Watch rider attempt to tow 7-ton truck with her electric motorcycle

The popular motorcycle YouTuber Priyanka Kochhar, better known by her handle BikeWithGirl, recently took a stab at a major towing attempt on an electric motorcycle.

We’re no stranger to torquey tow-off competitions here at Electrek. In fact, electric vehicles are all but built for them. The massive torque of electric motors makes them perfect for peak stump-pulling tow performance.

We just don’t normally see that applied in the world of motorcycles. At least not until now.

As Priyanka explained, she was in Bengaluru, India, “to conduct a very interesting experiment with one of the torquiest electric motorcycles there is in our country.”

She’s talking about the Ultraviolette F77, a sleek an electric motorbike from an Indian startup that is pushing the local market well into the performance realm. There are plenty of electric scooter companies in India, but high performance electric motorcycles haven’t received quite the same attention.

When it comes to towing trucks, though, that’s not something you’d want to attempt with just an electric scooter.

For the first test, Priyanka warmed up the Ultraviolette F77 by towing a small car, which proved to be quite easy for the bike’s 100 Nm of torque.

Next, she stepped it up to a 6,000 kg (13,200 pound) box truck, which resulted in a slower start and a few wobbles as the rider learned how to handle the extra load, but still proved to be a success.

Those attempts led up to the ultimate goal of pulling a 7,500 kg (16,500 pound) bus. Once strapped in, Priyanka gave the bike some throttle and gingerly pulled away, the massive bus coming along with her.

With the point proven, Priyanka decided not to stop there. For the final towing experiment, she connected the 7,500 kg bus behind the 6,000 kg box truck, for a total of over 13,500 kg (29,700 pounds).

Even with that massive weight, the bike still slowly pulled off the line until reaching enough speed that Priyanka could lift her feet up and ride off, two massive vehicles in tow behind one small electric sportbike.

“Because the F77 is an EV, that 100 Nm of torque comes through immediately,” she explained after the demonstration. “And that’s what made this unbelievable stunt doable today!”

Check out her video below to see the impressive feat in action.

via: Rideapart

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