ZEEKR ‘over delivers’ 001 FR EV that is faster, more powerful, and less expensive than anticipated

Days after rolling its very first models off its assembly lines, ZEEKR has officially launched its high-performance 001 FR shooting brake EV, stating it has “over delivered” on specs. With the official launch, we’ve learned this new quad-motor EV will offer more power, faster acceleration, and a starting price about $30,000 less than originally rumored.

Our story leading up to ZEEKR’s recent launch of the 001 FR began this past August, when the Chinese automaker teased the performance sedan and called out Tesla’s Plaid variant by name, calling it, “dull.”

Since then, ZEEKR has shared initial specs of the shooting brake model, including 1,265 bhp, 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 2.07 seconds, and other features like tank turns. At the time, we were following rumors than the new shooting brake EV would start at a price around RMB 1 million ($136,700).

Most recently, ZEEKR has officially launched sales of the 001 FR, priced well below that number. Better yet, the quad-motor vehicle arrives with even better specs than originally advertised.

Credit: ZEEKR

ZEEKR 001 FR launches in China, will join new markets too

Following the official launch, ZEEKR is touting even better EV specs than originally promised, thanks to support from former Finnish Formula One driver Kimi “Iceman” Räikkönen, who recently came onboard as ZEEKR’s chief performance advisor on the 001 FR. ZEEKR previously described Räikkönen as “the ‘best driver’ person on earth.” Per ZEEKR:

Racing champion Kimi Räikkönen worked with ZEEKR engineers to give the car top-notch tuning allowing it to perform to perfection both on race tracks and on the road condition. ZEEKR’s hardware and infotainment engineers launched Räikkönen Mode with which the car can offer immersive and comprehensive features for drivers who would like to push it to the limit. The ZEEKR 001 FR is also the world’s first production car to be equipped with 8295 intelligent cockpit platform, adding increased intelligence to interior functions.

The results are impressive compared to a mere month ago. The 001 FR now offers 1,300 bhp and can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 2.02 seconds – 0.05 seconds faster than before. Other specs include ZEEKR’s first globally used 800V architecture, housing a 100kWh Qilin battery pack from CATL that enables fast charging from 10-80% in 15 minutes.

The pack powers four silicon carbide-powered motors developed in-house by ZEEKR, utilizing torque vectoring technologies that can adjust power to each wheel in milliseconds and perform tank turns.

Lastly, ZEEKR shared that the 001 FR starts at an MSRP of RMB 769,000 ($105,100), over $30,000 less than originally rumored. As we’ve reported in the past, production in China will be limited to 99 units per month, at least to begin.

Earlier this month, we covered news that ZEEKR was mulling bringing its 001 FR EV over to Europe to compete with Tesla, but hadn’t heard any updates since. During the launch ZEEKR did not confirm entry into Europe directly, but we should see the 001 FR in some new markets outside of China in the future. Per ZEEKR:

Global markets will receive the 001 FR in due course, in limited volumes.

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