Gigafactory Mexico gets all its permits, now it is up to Tesla to give greenlight

Gigafactory Mexico has received all its needed permits to start construction. Now, it is up to Tesla to give the greenlight after the automaker pumped the brakes on the project.

Tesla officially announced Gigafactory Mexico back in March, and until recently, we were wondering what was the hold up to start production after the automaker said it wanted to move fast.

Earlier this month, Tesla confirmed that it was pumping the brakes on the project amid concerns about the global economy.

CEO Elon Musk said that the project would happen and Tesla is ordering “long lead items” for it, but the timing would depend on how they see the economy recover. In the meantime, the automaker prefers investing in Texas.

Now, the nuevo león secretary of economy, Iván Rivas, has commented on the situation in an apparent attempt to boost confidence in the project.

He said that the project is happening and that Tesla has now obtained all the necessary permits (via Milenio):

Tesla is coming, Tesla is working, Tesla in some way has already started construction, just like the Government of Nuevo León. We are doing it at the same time, they already have all their federal and state permits.

He added:

They already gave us all their needs to start construction, so we can assure that Tesla is coming to Nuevo León.

However, the politician didn’t offer a timeline for the project to start construction. We recently learned that the “needs” are related to some infrastructure that Tesla wants to be built around the planned factory, including “energy, water, road, and rail infrastructure.”

It sounds like it is now up to Tesla to decide when it wants to proceed with the new factory.

When do you think Tesla is going to start construction at Gigafactory Mexico? Let us know in the comment section below.

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