Zero unveils 2024 electric motorcycle lineup, including new models

Zero Motorcycles, the California-based manufacturer of 100% electric motorcycles, has just revealed its new 2024 model line. The release includes several new models that expand upon the company’s previous top-tier frame design, now bringing it to several new models.

The update is described by Zero as representing “an expansion of the company’s vast array of products that are already purchased by more of the world’s motorcycle-riding population than any other electric manufacturer.”

The announcement, made today at the 2023 EICMA Milan Motorcycle Show, builds upon Zero’s extensive legacy as the oldest major electric motorcycle manufacturer, explained CEO Sam Paschel:

“Every innovation from Zero Motorcycles stands as a testament to over 16 years of relentless development and a staggering 165 million miles ridden by our loyal owners. In an industry where every launch from Zero shapes history we are proud to unveil the latest chapters in our legacy.”

Zero S

Among the biggest announcements made today is the streamlining of Zero’s motorcycle frame platforms, resulting in new models for 2024. Previously, Zero Motorcycles operated three different frame and motor platforms. The FX and FXE were built on the company’s smallest platform, followed by the middleweight S, DS and DSR, and the largest platform was used on the SR, SR/F, SR/S and DSR/X.

Now Zero is removing that middle tier, presenting new models to replace the previous Zero S and DS motorcycles.

The new Zero S, now built on the familiar trellis frame that debuted on the SR/F in early 2019, comes with a larger motor and battery than ever before. The 51 kW motor is paired with Zero’s 14.4 kWh battery pack, offering a 101 mile (162 km) mixed city/highway range. Similarly, the DS now comes on that same frame and features the same drivetrain, boosting the entry-level dual sport bike from the company.

Both bikes can reach a maximum speed of 104 mph (167 km/h). The 2024 Zero S will start at US $14,995 while the dual-sport Zero DS will start at US $15,995. The higher spec DSR uses the same frame but has a larger 60 kW motor and a higher capacity 15.6 kWh battery pack. Full specs for the new models are available on Zero’s website.

zero motorcycles ds 2024

The Zero FX and FXE are now the only two models sporting the company’s smaller 34 kW motor and frame platform.

Both bikes come with 7.2 kWh battery packs, offering around 58 miles (93 km) of mixed city/highway riding. The bikes top out at 85 mph (137 km/h). The 2024 FX and FXE both start at US $12,495.

I had the pleasure of testing out the FXE upon its release and found it to be one of my favorite models in the lineup due to its small size and increase agility. As an urban commuter, it’s an an easily approachable bike for new riders and seasoned pros alike.

Zero’s flagship lineup of the 2024 SR/F, SR/S, and DSR/X all come with Zero’s top loadouts. That includes the highest power motor in the lineup, offering up to 84 kW of peak power for a maximum speed of 124 mph (200 km/h).

The bikes also come with the largest battery option of 17.3 kWh offering approximately 116 miles (186 km) of mixed city/highway range.

One note about battery capacities: Zero uses a different method of calculating battery capacity than most electric vehicle companies, which results in figures that are somewhat higher. Instead of using maximum voltage as Zero does, a more true-to-life calculation using average voltage would result in Zero’s 17.3 kWh, 14.4 kWh, and 7.2 kWh packs being rated at closer to 15.2 kWh, 12.6 kWh and 6.3 kWh of nominal capacity, respectively.

Interestingly Zero also offers a lower power version of the FXE, S, and DS models in Europe and other markets outside of the US. With just 11 kW of power, these models fit into the limits of lower level motorcycle licenses often found outside of the US, allowing new riders to access Zero’s electric motorcycles.

Zero’s power limiting feature, which can be controlled by a local Zero dealer, also allows some of its models to grow with riders as they achieve a higher level of motorcycle license. As the company explained, “the 2024 SR and DSR models come as the first A2 license-compliant models from Zero as well as being the first and only electric motorcycles on the market to enable simple dealer installed upgrades to A3 license-compliant performance.”

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