Tesla announces 1 GWh of Powerwalls deployed in Europe

Tesla announces that it achieved the milestone of having deployed 1 GWh of Powerwalls in Europe.

Its energy storage business is becoming a major division.

Tesla launched its energy storage division all the way back in 2015 with the Powerwall.

It took a while, but it has now become a significant company division.

Last quarter, Tesla announced that it deployed a record 4 GWh of energy storage. That includes both Powerwalls and Megapacks – with the latter likely accounting for the majority of the capacity as it is used for large utility-scale projects.

Today, Tesla announced that its fleet of Powerwall in Europe has now reached 1 GWh:

That’s particularly impressive, considering that the Powerwall is only limited to some markets in Europe.

The product also has limited usability in Europe without a 3-phase version.

If Tesla were to launch that, the energy storage system would likely become even more popular than it already is in the market.

The automaker recently launched Powerwall 3, which it is going to sell alongside its Powerwal 3+.

The company hasn’t released all the details yet, and some are holding on to the hope that it could enable a 3-phase version eventually.

Nonetheless, Tesla seems to already have some momentum for the Powerwall in Europe with 1 GWh deployed.

With that kind of capacity, the company is expected to leverage the fleet and start offering more services like virtual power plants and its new Tesla Electric retail plan.

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