BYD’s new Song L electric SUV racks up 11,000 pre-orders ahead of official launch

A new electric SUV from China’s largest EV maker is launching on December 15. The BYD Song L, its new mid-size electric SUV, has already received over 11,000 pre-orders.

BYD unveiled the new Song L EV concept at the Shanghai Auto Show in April. Part of its Dynasty series, the new electric SUV coupe will compete with Tesla’s Model Y and ZEEKR 001.

The Song L follows the Yuan Plus (Atto 3 overseas), Tang, and Han in the series. Based on BYD’s e-Platform 3.0, the model is similar in design to its premium Denza N7, launched in June.

After opening pre-orders on October 31, 2023, BYD revealed the Song L has already received over 11,000 interested buyers. That’s despite being available for only 17 days.

BYD’s new electric SUV is available in five trims with prices from 220,000 – 280,000 yuan ($30,700 – $39,000). It’s available in single and dual-motor versions. The single motor has 150 kW or 230 kW of peak power, while the dual version adds a 150 kW front motor for 380 kW combined max power.

Powered by BYD’s Blade battery (71.8 kWh or 87 kWh), the single motor offers 550 km (341 mi) or 662 km (411 mi) CLTC range, respectively.

Meanwhile, the dual-motor, powered by an 87 kWh Blade battery, features up to 602 (374 mi) CLTC range.

BYD Song L receives over 11,000 pre-orders in 17 days (Source: BYD)

BYD Song L gathers momentum with pre-orders piling up

The news comes after BYD revealed another mid-size electric SUV last week, the Sea Lion 07. BYD’s Sea Lion 07 is also expected to compete with Tesla’s Model Y in the world’s largest EV market.

The Sea Lion 07 is part of BYD’s Ocean series. It’s expected to lead a new sub-brand of vehicles under the Ocean brand.

BYD Sea Lion 07 (Source: BYD)

Designed by former Lamborghini and Audi head designer (now BYD’s chief designer) Wolfgang Egger, the new EV draws inspiration from sea lions jumping into the water.

The Sea Lion 07 will be priced between 200,000 – 260,000 yuan ($27,700 – $35,900). At 4,830 mm long, 1,925 mm wide, and 1,620 mm tall, the new EV will rival Tesla’s Model Y (L – 4,760 mm, W – 1,921 mm, H – 1,624 mm).

BYD Sea Lion 07, the brand’s first ” mid-sized urban smart electric SUV” (Source: BYD)

BYD’s Song L is also 4,840 mm (190″) long, 1,950 mm (77″) wide, and 1,560 mm (61) tall, putting it in the same category as the Model Y.

In China, Tesla’s Model Y is currently priced between 266,000 – 363,900 yuan ($36,900 – $50,500).

Electrek’s Take

BYD is aiming for Tesla’s sweet spot with its new mid-size electric SUVs. China’s largest EV maker came with 3,500 of surpassing Tesla to become the biggest pure EV maker in the third quarter.

Tesla delivered 435,059 vehicles in Q3, on pace for 1.8 million this year, while BYD delivered 431,603. The end of this year into next will be interesting as the world’s largest EV makers continue stealing market share from gas-powered models globally.

With the Cybertruck official launch event at the end of the month, Tesla is hoping to hang on to the title as it expands into new markets. Tesla has started bringing Cybertrucks to US showrooms ahead of the event.

Source: Car News China, BYD Weibo

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