Fast charging network EVgo offers one-year deal to Hertz renters

DC fast charging network EVgo has announced a new deal with rental car company Hertz that offers drivers renting an electric car from any Hertz location in the US with discounts on charging for a year, with no subscription or session fees. EVgo is also following in Tesla’s footsteps and building prefabricated models for its charging sites.

The new deal with Hertz particularly targets first-time electric car drivers who opt to rent one first before buying. By enticing potential new EV owners with special deals at its 900 fast charging locations around the US, it’s a win-win for everyone. But note that this deal only applies to new EVgo customers, not existing ones. Details about savings and deals can be found on the EVgo app, or check in online or at a Hertz location.

“When people experience an EV for the first time, whether through a rental or riding along as a passenger, they see the benefits firsthand of quieter operation, smoother handling, quick acceleration, and of course, no tailpipe emissions,” says Maggie Tallman, EVgo senior vice president of business development and solutions. “By partnering with Hertz to expose new drivers to the electric experience, we can inspire more prospective EV drivers to make the switch and welcome them to the electric revolution.”

EVgo is also in partnership with GM and Pilot Truck Stops (which include Flying J truck stops), and EVgo has been building more charging sites around the country with a consistent look and feel. While Tesla has already been doing this for a while now, EVgo is now utilizing prefabricated modules for charging sites, with the aim of cutting installation time in half and saving around 15% in construction costs. While the program has only just started with six fast charger locations in Florida, Nebraska, North Carolina, and Texas, the first site using the new method is in Texas, with the goal of having it up and running by February 2024. The builds will be “future-proofed” to accommodate Wi-Fi infrastructure, cameras, security lights, and sun and rain canopies. 

Another major advantage of having prefabricated fast charging sites is that the more complex aspects of the build can be done by skilled staff in a controlled environment, leaving installation and hookup to local electricians.

“There are roughly 30,000 fast chargers in the US today, and by 2030, industry analysts estimate we’ll need more than 300,000,” says Dennis Kish, EVgo COO. “Innovations like this prefabrication model are critical to scale EVgo’s network and build the infrastructure needed to meet the growing demand for public charging. Prefabricated stations can not only help us save time and cut costs, but also elevate the customer experience by providing popular features drivers want.”

Last month, EVgo also announced a shift in its pricing model to expand kWh charging rates to any state that allows it, with the goal of helping EV drivers spend a little less while still tapping into the time-of-use component to alleviate strain on the grid.

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