BYD’s Fang Cheng Bao unveils images of its rugged new all-electric SUV

BYD’s Fang Cheng Bao officially revealed images for its new Bao 3 rugged electric SUV. From the first look, the off-road electric SUV, dubbed the “interstellar tank,” appears to out-muscle even Jeep’s meanest model.

The new Fang Cheng Bao is the production version of the “Star Wars” themed Super 3 concept shown in April.

Fang Cheng Bao is BYD’s fifth sub-brand, launched last June. BYD said the new brand will offer a series of unique and professional-grade NEVs, ranging from off-roaders to sports cars. Its first vehicle, the Bao 5, launched last November.

In April, BYD revealed three new models: the flagship Bao 8 SUV, the Super 9 sports car, and the rugged Super 3 (Bao 3) SUV.

After China’s MITT released Bao 3 specs this week, we learned it will be 4,605 mm long, 1,900 mm wide, and 1,720 mm tall. That’s about the size of a Jeep Wrangler (4,867 mm x L, 1,894 mm x W, 1,853 mm H). BYD’s electric SUV is also a five-seater.

BYD Fang Cheng Bao 3 electric SUV (Source: Fang Cheng Bao)

Check out BYD’s new rugged electric SUV

The Boa 3 features AWD with a 110 kW front and 200 kW rear electric motor. Meanwhile, its batteries will be supplied by BYD’s FinDreams.

BYD Fang Cheng Bao 3 electric SUV (Source: Fang Cheng Bao)

Although the concept was shown with a drone landing pad on the roof, it’s yet to be confirmed if it will be included in the production version.

According to CarNewsChina, the Bao 3 is expected to launch later this year with starting prices around $30,300 (220,000 yuan). It will be positioned under the Bao 5 PHEV, which starts at $40,000 (289,800 yuan) in China.

BYD Fang Cheng Bao 3 electric SUV (Source: Fang Cheng Bao)

The larger Bao 8 will head the lineup as a potential Toyota Land Cruiser rival, with prices around $69,000 (500,000 yuan).

Jeep Wagoneer S Trailhawk concept (Source: Jeep)

In the US, Jeep unveiled its first EV, the Wagoneer S. The rugged SUV brand also unveiled an off-road-focused Trailhawk edition.

What do you guys think? Does BYD’s new rugged SUV out-muscle the Jeep? Which one are you choosing? Let us know in the comments.

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