GM’s Wuling launches new $8,000 Bingo EV in China undercutting BYD’s Seagull

A new low-cost electric car launched Friday to take on BYD’s Seagull EV. GM’s Wuling launched the 2024 Bingo EV Friday, starting under $8,000 (56,800 yuan) as it looks to top BYD.

In March, BYD sent shockwaves across the industry with the launch of its new Seagull EV, starting at just $9,700 (69,800 yuan).

The low-cost Seagull is leading BYD’s “new era of electricity is cheaper than oil,” with nearly 35,000 models sold in May alone. At least one automaker looks to keep pace.

GM’s joint venture with SAIC, Wuling, launched the new 2024 Bingo EV Friday with new upgrades and a lower price tag. With starting prices under $8,000 (56,800 yuan), GM’s new Wuling Bingo undercuts BYD’s Seagull.

BYD’s Seagull EV was the top-selling small car in China last month, followed by the Bingo. Since launching last March, over 280,000 Bingo models have been sold.

To bump up sales in hopes of overtaking BYD’s Seagull, the 2024 model includes faster charging, new features, and a starting price under $8,000.

2024 Wuling Bingo EV (Source: Wuling)

GM’s Wuling launches 2024 Bingo EV under $8,000

Although the 2024 Wuling Bingo EV is the same size (3,950 mm long, 1,708 mm wide, 1,580 mm tall) as the 2023MY, the new model gains several upgrades.

It’s available in four variants: Light, Enjoyment, Lingxi connected, and Lingxi premium with 126 miles (203 km) to 255 miles (410 km) CLTC range.

2024 Wuling Bingo EV interior (Source: Wuling)

All trims can now charge from 30% to 80% in 35 minutes with DC fast charging. On the 2023MY, the standard range (203 km) model did not include it.

The interior remains mostly unchanged, with a 10.25″ dual-screen system and 1,240 liters storage room (with the seats down). The higher Lingxi trims now include Ling OS Lingxi car system with entertainment apps.

2024 Wuling Bingo EV (Source: Wuling)

Meanwhile, the longer range (333 km and 410 km) models are equipped with a three-in-one water-cooled flat wire motor. The upgrade enhances cooling efficiency.

Wuling Bingo EV vs BYD Seagull Starting Price Range
Bingo EV Light $7,900
(56,800 yuan)
126 mi
(203 km)
Bingo EV Enjoyment $9,800
(70,800 yuan)
207 mi
(333 km)
Bingo EV Lingxi connected $10,300
(74,800 yuan)
207 mi
(333 km)
Bingo EV Lingxi premium $11,700
(84,800 yuan)
255 mi
(410 km)
BYD Seagull Active $9,700
(69,800 yuan)
190 mi
(305 km)
BYD Seagull Free $10,500
(75,800 yuan)
190 mi
(305 km)
BYD Seagull Flying $12,000
(85,800 yuan)
252 mi
(405 km)
Wuling Bingo EV vs. BYD Seagull prices and range

BYD’s Seagull EV, the Bingo’s main rival, starts at $9,700 (69,800 yuan) with up to 190 miles (305 km) CLTC range. It’s available in three trims with up to 252 miles (405 km) range.

Can GM’s new Wuling Bingo EV top the BYD Seagull in sales? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: CarNewsChina, Wuling

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