Toyota takes a page from Tesla as it opens Lexus charging stations to other EVs

Despite its slow shift to fully electric cars, Toyota may be learning. Toyota announced it’s opening Lexus charging stations to other EVs in Japan, taking a page from Tesla in the US and globally.

Lexus opens exclusive Lexus charging to all EVs

Toyota’s luxury brand opened its first “rapid charging station” in Tokyo Midtown Hibiya last June, kicking off the Lexus Electrified Program.

In December 2023, a second charging station was added at Karuiza Common Grounds. Lexus charging stations include quick chargers with up to 150 kW max power to get drivers back on the road quickly, similar to Tesla’s Supercharger network.

In comparison, Tesla’s Superchargers can deliver up to 250 kW peak charging rates. Tesla confirmed its V4 Supercharger will support up to 350 kW output, but it’s also capped at 250 kW.

Up until now, Lexus owners had exclusive access to the charging stations. Owners could reserve their spot through the My Lexus app up to 60 days in advance. Payments are handled through the App automatically for a seamless experience, similar to Tesla’s Superchargers.

However, Lexus offers benefits like complimentary drinks, workspaces, and discounts on nearby services.

Now, all EV owners will be able to access the charging stations. Toyota announced it’s opening Lexus charging stations for other EVs to use

The move is similar to Tesla, which opened its Supercharger network to other EVs. Last May, Ford was the first to announce plans to adopt Tesla’s NACS adaptor. Virtually all automakers, including Toyota and Lexus, have followed suit to gain access to Tesla’s Supercharger network in the US.

Lexus charging station (Source: Toyota)

However, Tesla has over 15,000 superchargers in the US and Canada and more than 50,000 globally. By 2030, Lexus plans to have about 100 charging stations in Japan.

Meanwhile, Toyota and Lexus continue to lag behind the industry’s shift to electric vehicles. Toyota, including Lexus, sold 46,033 EVs globally through the first four months of 2024. That’s only 3.4% of Toyota’s 1.3 million cars sold during this time.

Source: Toyota, The Japan News

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