Cybertruck recalls, Tesla vs. Camry, Polestar upgrades, and electric flight gets real

We gave the Tesla Cybertruck a lot of heat yesterday, and today we’re back for more as every single example of the controversial electric pickup built so far has been recalled. Meanwhile a Model 3 is cheaper than a Camry now, Polestar 2 gets an upgrade, and electric flight takes off. All this and more on today’s energizing episode of Quick Charge!

I also want to draw attention to yesterday’s Quick Charge episode and say that I didn’t mean for the call for better signage to be a criticism of the signage at Wrigley Field. As many of you pointed out in the comments, the last thing we need as drivers is more signs and more distractions. That said, I stand by the assertion that big signs build confidence in the ICE-driving normies, but the best answer might be something more nuanced than a 60′ EV charging sign.

See? I do pay attention to the comments! (Totally doubling down on that whole “picking on the Cybertruck” thing, though.) Enjoy!

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