Here’s how big of a difference tires can make on Tesla Model 3

A fascinating new test highlights the impressive difference EV-specific tires can make on the efficiency of a Tesla Model 3 – though it would also apply to other vehicles.

Electric vehicles have had an interesting impact on the tire industry. Like many other aspects of cars, electric vehicles have pushed tires toward efficiency optimizations.

Several tire manufacturers have been releasing tires optimized for the weight and efficiency needs of electric cars.

Tire Rack, an online tire retailer, has decided to put those tires to the test in a Tesla Model 3 on a 100-mile loop.

The results were really interesting as they highlight how big of a difference on efficiency tires can make.

Here are the results:

  1. Hankook iON evo AS: 263 Wh/mile
  2. Goodyear EcoReady: 269 Wh/mile
  3. Continental ProContact RX (T1): 272 Wh/mile
  4. Goodyear ElectricDrive 2: 274 Wh/mile
  5. Yokohama ADVAN Sport EV A/S: 274 Wh/mile
  6. Pirelli P Zero (PZ4): 274 Wh/mile
  7. Bridgestone Turanza EV: 276 Wh/mile
  8. Michelin Pilot Sports 4S: 290 Wh/mile
  9. Michelin Pilot Sports All Season 4: 292 Wh/mile

They were all tested on the Model 3 with 18″ wheels except for the EcoReady, which was tested on 19″ and certainly negatively affected the results.

Regardless, this shows a 29 Wh per mile difference in efficiency between the most efficient and less efficient EV-optimised tires. That’s very interesting.

However, efficiency is not everything. Tires are also about performance, safety and longevity.

Tire Rack also tested them on the track, both dry and wet, and did some stopping tests.

Here our the rankings based on the track results (score out of 10):

  1. Michelin Pilot Sports 4S: 7.84
  2. Pirelli P Zero (PZ4): 7.74
  3. Continental ProContact RX (T1): 7.62
  4. Goodyear ElectricDrive 2: 7.32
  5. Michelin Pilot Sports All Season 4: 7.11
  6. Goodyear EcoReady: 7.10
  7. Hankook iON evo AS: 7.09
  8. Yokohama ADVAN Sport EV A/S: 6.96
  9. Bridgestone Turanza EV: 6.92

As you can see the second to least efficient tire scored the best on the track. You have to make compromises.

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