Huffy upgrades Green Machine for electric age as $600 adult drift trike

In case your neighbor didn’t have a Green Machine (video below) growing up as I did, the “big wheels” alternative looked like a little 3-wheeled pedal sled that was steered with two sticks instead of handlebars or a steering wheel. If you wanted to spin out (and what else would you want to do?), you’d simply push one stick forward and the other stick back and hold on!

Well, a lot has changed in the almost 50 years since the Green Machine debuted, and Huffy knows it has many adults, like myself, nostalgic for that drift experience without having to do all of that pedaling.

Enter the Huffy Electric Green Machine…

So when Huffy said it was building an electric drift trike based on the Green Machine, I was, of course, intrigued. Who amongst us 50-year-olds doesn’t need a drift trike to zoom around the driveway every so often?

Drift Trikes are popular with adults and children, and gasoline and electric versions are also available.

It turns out Huffy used much of its e-bike expertise to build the Electric Green machine.

The front wheel is made of more traditional bike rubber and has a 250-watt hub motor. If that doesn’t sound powerful enough, remember that this is geared for a max output of 15mph (or maybe up to 20mph later with some updates), which means high torque and acceleration.

There are three speed levels, and each one will get you drifting. The battery is a removable 36V without a stated capacity, but I’d guess close to 400Wh. More importantly, it has a cool array of LED power indicators. The seat is adjustable from below 5 feet to over 6 feet. Instead of pedals on the front wheels, there are now pegs for your feet.

The rear wheels are replaceable drift sliders that are easily removable once wear has rendered a new set necessary. There is only a front brake, but it is a big disk, and with the rubber meeting the ground, it stops the Green Machine in its tracks, even in the middle of a drift.

According to Huffy, this can be throttled to full speed for over an hour, meaning that at 15mph, you have a range coming close to 20 miles. Could this be a commuter? It is pretty low, so you might want to get one of those big orange flags for your big wheels commute to school or work.

We got a special opportunity to try it in New York City this week. My 12-year old had a blast (though it is officially 14 years+ and up to 220lbs) and of course I felt some serious nostalgia getting behind the ‘wheel’. It is super easy to get drifting and a lot of fun to race around a track.

We were on a smooth cement surface, but I look forward to trying it on my driveway at a later date.

Huffy will put these bad boys on sale for $599 later this year, and of course, they’ll be ready for holiday shoppers. Look out for our review in the coming weeks and months ahead.

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