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Health Tech Awards 2024: deadline to enter approaching on 9 July! – htn

Best health tech solution of the year

In this category tell us about your solution and the problem it solves. Share any results, benefits or case study examples.

Major project go live

If you have successfully delivered a major project this category is for you. Here, include details of your project; what you did; your approach; what worked well; and benefits.

Most promising pilot

We want to hear about your pilot programme and the problem it is addressing, where you are up to in the pilot and any early feedback or benefits you have noted, as well as the scope to scale.

Innovation of the Year

Have you introduced an innovation to your organisation or a project with an innovative element? Tell us about it in this category.

Best use of data

For this category, highlight the data you have used and how; the challenge you are addressing; and the impact the use of data brings.

Best solution for clinicians

Have you delivered a solution for clinicians? Tell us about it – what did you do, what need was it meeting, and why should it be crowned best solution for clinicians?

Partnership of the year

Tell us about your partnership and how you are working together, and what you have achieved.

Best use of digital for primary care

Supporting modern general practice with digital across PCNs, ICBs or within GP practices?  Tell us how digital is supporting improvements in primary care and share your achievements.

Best use of digital for mental health

If your solution or project has supported mental health organisations or patients, tell us how in this category.

Best use of digital for social care

Supported social care via digital means? Share your project here and tell us about the benefits.

Best use of digital for community care

If you’ve delivered innovation in community care, we want to hear about it. What did you do, what are the benefits for patients and stakeholders?

Best use of digital for NHS trusts

In this category share how you have supported NHS trusts with a digital solution, the problem you tackled, and the results.

Best use of digital for integrated care systems



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