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24 Things You Should Never Tolerate In A Relationship

12. One-Way Sacrifices

Do you find that you’ve quit your job and moved away from your beloved family and city to support your partner’s endeavors? And then he or she won’t even budge on when it comes to ordering Chinese food that night when you’ve had more than enough of Kung Pao chicken to last a lifetime? That’s just ridiculous.

13. Citing Significant Inequalities

If your partner has a more respected job, is wealthier, or comes from a higher socio-economic background, make sure he or she never throws these facts in your face or attempts to use them against you.

14. Control Over Finances

Your partner handling the bank account and providing you with an “allowance” harkens back to high school when your parents were in charge of your life. Your partner is not (and should by no means act like) your parent.

15. Any Kind Of Physical Force

This one should go without saying, but it’s important to remind that there’s no such thing as a “justified kick.”

16. Imbalance Of Power

If you find that one of you is making all of your decisions, from ones as big as when you decide to have kids to small ones like whose apartment you’re staying at that night, you should point that out and make a change, whether it’s in your behavior or your partner’s.

17. Daily Arguments


Couples argue—and that’s not something one can argue about. However, if you guys are doing it over everything, try to think about the last time you enjoyed each other’s company without a spat clouding the moment. If that’s hard to do, you’ve got something bigger to think about…

18. Nit-Picking

As difficult as this may be for some people to believe, it’s impossible to do everything wrong. If your significant other insists that the way you clean dishes isn’t adequate, for example, he or she is the one with the problem, not you.

19. Refusal To Do Household Chores

Have you been assigned all the tidying up because you’re “better at it” than your significant other? Chances are, “better at” translates to “more willing to do.” Remind your partner that anyone with two hands is capable of folding laundry.

20. Extreme Laziness In Bed

If you’re noticing a replay of the dead fish routine, it’s time you started to expect more from your partner in the bedroom.

21. Unwillingness To Reciprocate In Bed

Almost worse than playing dead in the sack is the inability to return orgasmic favors. A strict “I don’t give head” policy should never fly in a relationship (unless both partners feel that way, which is… well, why judge?).

22. Over-Eagerness To Please

Although pleasing your partner should remain a top priority no matter how long you’ve been together, adopting the ernest puppy dog method can end up turning affection into obsession. People become far less attractive when they 100% forsake themselves for someone else.

23. Inability To Provide Orgasms

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again… until it’s been six months and this person has still never managed to make you climax during sex.

24. Threats

Obviously, threatening your partner, even in jest, constitutes forbidden relationship territory. If your partner is threatening to leave you for no reason other than to control your behaviors, make the smart decision and get away from him or her first.

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