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6 Struggles That An Empath Faces Daily (That Most People Never Notice)

2)  They are always drained of energy

They have this sort of enormous, invisible straw connected to their body at all times. And this straw keeps sucking away all the energy they have. They get drained easily because going through so many different emotions in a little time can take its toll on anyone. They are always low on energy. This is because the moment they start interacting with other people; their inner turmoil keeps getting worse exponentially. They need time off alone to replenish their sources. And even that is not enough sometimes. So they go through their day, half dead, trying to make the best of the situation.


3)  They know when someone is lying

And even though they might not like it, they feel obliged to call out the liar.This is because they know what kind of emotions are going through the person’s head, and for them detecting deception is not a difficult task at all. Nobody wants to be called a telltale and yet, Empaths have to call out the liar in public. It is sort of their moral duty, that they have to protect people from any ill. Because knowing someone’s bad intentions and not acting against them is not acceptable to any decent human, no matter at what personal cost it comes.


4)  They go through intense emotions, several times during a day

An empath has no control whatsoever on selecting the person whose emotions they experience. Even a person walking by them on the street can influence their emotions. And if these emotions are really intense, then that means that they will play out with the same intensity inside the Empaths’ head too. They won’t be able to defend themselves against feeling sad out of the blue or incredibly angry. And it drains them a lot.

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