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6 Struggles That An Empath Faces Daily (That Most People Never Notice)

5)  They find it hard to say ‘No’ to people

Most people are able to say ‘no’ to others when saying ‘yes’ would mean them some sort of personal harm; but not an empath. If a person needs an empath’s help, and their situation is really dire, then the empath is able to feel the helplessness behind that plea and thus have no other option but to say ‘yes’; even if it would mean personal misfortune to themselves. They have to consciously learn to turn people away and say no, for their own sanity and betterment.


6)  They don’t get time for themselves

An empath faces so many things on a daily basis. They have to go through so many emotions. Moreover, they feel bad about turning people down. They’d always let other barges in on them, even if they had a really long day. All this means that they are not able to take out time for themselves. This is extremely crucial for them. Unless they get some alone time, they won’t be able to relax and replenish their energy. If they keep on going without doing this, they will burn out sooner or later. It is best that they don’t let things get too drastic.


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