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7 Reasons Why You Should Really Try An NSA Relationship

You have probably heard of the NSA relationship (aka no strings attached) and you probably think that life is too short for ‘meaningless’ relationships, relationships without depth and without commitment.

But let me tell you that there are rules that you can follow in an NSA relationship that can actually make you happy. You should try this type of relationship, for it might change your view on love and relationships in general. Don’t think that I am going to leave it there, though, as I’m rather going to give you a few good reasons for trying out an NSA relationship:

1. It’s something new

Yes, my first argument is that it’s something new. We have been consumed by the idea that only one type of relationship actually works. You haven’t had the chance to actually engage yourself in something new like this and if you feel like you’re ready for a relationship that is all about fun and both-sided pleasure then an NSA relationship really is the thing for you.

2. It’s good to have a break from the dating scene

After so many heartbreaks and so many misunderstandings, you being confused with your emotions and so on, this is finally the right time to take a break and try out something that is out of your comfort zone. You have to take a break, let your heart heal properly. I know that this is best achieved by taking care of yourself but you will get to the point where you will crave human affection, even if you haven’t healed properly. For that same reason, an NSA relationship would be the best choice.

3. You can be completely honest about what you want

There is always a small fear creeping inside you when you have to face your partner and tell him that his behavior is bothering you and what you want him to do instead. In an NSA relationship, this isn’t the case. In order for this to work you have to communicate whatever it is that you want and need from this relationship and that’s exactly why it’s so easy to be upfront and honest about what is lacking in your relationship. If you want more sex, you come forward and say that.

4. You have more time for yourself

We are extremely busy people and commitment just adds to our already-busy schedule. In an NSA relationship, you have the full liberty to adjust it to suit yourself and to your own time. If you have a busy week, no one is going to get mad at you for canceling the plans you made or if you both have a couple of hours free and you end up meeting up, then that’s totally fine. NSA relationships really are flexible.

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